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  • | Sep 8, 2011

What should I do now to improve my skills?... What videos will help my Endgame?... Which Mentor Courses will make me a better strategist? At my level, should I be playing more - or studying more?...

... Sound familiar? Well, wonder no longer:

Study Plans bring uncertainty and aimlessness to an end, charting a clear path to chess improvement! Let's face it: There is a huge wealth of information & learning tools on Chess.com, and these plans will help you navigate through it, with two goals:

  • to reveal the very best material for your current skill level, and...
  • to unify that content so that diverse yet complementary activities reinforce each other for high-impact learning and fast improvement!


    Plans for Beginning Players (Ratings < 1399)

      #1 Beyond the Basics

      #2 Beginners: The Opening!

      #3 Beginners: Tactics!

      #4 Beginners: Strategy!

      #5 Beginners: The Endgame!

      #6 Beginners: Bringing It All Together!


      Plans for Intermediate Players (Ratings 1400-1799)

        #1 Intermediate: The Opening!

        #2 Intermediate: Strategy!

        #3 Intermediate: Tactics!

        #4 Intermediate: The Endgame!

        #5 Intermediate: Bringing It All Together!

        Advanced players, stay tuned for more Study Plans, coming eventually...


        • 14 months ago


          @sisu: Please don't spam forums by advertising your teaching services.

        • 14 months ago


          @ThomasGRobinson   i took a look at your last 10 games in blitz and bullet. Acutally you are blundering your pieces away and your opponents just make mistakes all over(but don't blunder that much). I also see a lack of your oppening knowledge. If you learn 1-2 openings with white and 1-2 to respond with black and just play them, you should be able to avoid blundering pieces away in the opening. 

          Couldn't see anyone cheating against you. sry

        • 14 months ago


          @ThomisGRobinson: Well, unless they sand-bag to a really low rating and then use computers to have REALLY easy wins, they should have high ratings...

        • 14 months ago


        • 14 months ago


          Advance study plans should be a high priority in chess.com's plans. It's one of the most useful feature on the site.

        • 14 months ago


          hess.com has many Chess Mentor Courses on the opening; however, we have selected this specific course for learners at your level. If you can complete this course and score over 70%, you should be playing the opening stage at a 1400 level or higher. Either click the green button or follow the link below

        • 14 months ago


          My ratings are about 600-1000 on live and I took the exploiting 2 course and passed with like 90 something % and it said if you get 70% or more you should be looking at the 1400+ study guide I think. Which is really weird considering my ratings although I have been suspicious of people using computers. I would assume it's more common in people with low ratings like mine.

        • 14 months ago


          Anyone know which rating their using next to the name of the study plans?

          I'm currently assuming standard, but I'm just guessing.

        • 14 months ago


          Veuillez être pertinent, aider et être gentil!

        • 14 months ago


          Est armiani??

        • 14 months ago


          this is awsomeLaughing

        • 14 months ago


          salut atout le mende

        • 15 months ago



        • 15 months ago


          Any hope of that advanced material?

        • 15 months ago


          I think they should really delete the possibility of advanced study plans.

          It's been about 3-4 years and Advanced study plan isn't coming out!

        • 15 months ago


          Es lo mejor

        • 15 months ago


          And another one....it's a super duper good for begginer's.Smile

        • 15 months ago


          Chess is fun, amazing,cool and hase great stuff.Smile

        • 15 months ago


          just started this study plan, i wish I had done long before, it is far worth than playing on live blitz or rapid chess. Study plan, video lessons, chess mentor, tactics..... etc are great ways to improve a chessplayer and enjoy it at the same time. Chess.com people u r great guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

        • 15 months ago



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