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  • | Jul 3, 2013


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    I will be honest; 

    while I would love to contribute to the Master's Bulletin, I can never bring myself to make a financial comitment. Chess is only a hobby for me, and, as of such, I do not intend to make a (subjectively) large payment such as 70$, even for an anual comitment. 

    That said, I will say that I appreciate the fact that the old archived documents are available for free to the public (specifically the older 2013 editions). I can see from those documents why other, more serious players would be willing to pay for such a document on a regular basis; 

    The articles are well written, simply put, and educational.

    In the future, I may subscribe, but as of yet, I have around 60 more pages of the old (and free) documents to run through first.


  • 2 weeks ago


    This is truly sad to see on the page for the Master's Bulletin comments which are not positive towoards this publication. In addition, not seeing any of the NM's, IM's or GM's, which are members of chess.com, adding positive comments is another sad state of affairs for this publication.  Although the only IM comment --- "The Bulletin has free issues, but it's a subscription based magazine! Brand new column, AND lower prices though now! Try it out!"  --- telling us the publication may be having challenges in getting subscriptions.  Why would I want to subscribe to a publication which appears to be struggling to survive.  In addition, reading the comments about subscribers difficulties in getting their subscription is also another sad state of affairs.  Obviously why would anyone subscribe to a publication to only be receiving it late or simply "unable to access their issue."

    This comment from five months ago, by Icanfight (see below) --- "I think I have other things to work on instead of deep opening analysis, intricate tactics and complex endgames."  --- points out that this publication is overwhelming for players under 2000; maybe even for players under 2100.

    The thought I have is taken from all the comments - even the Master's Bulleting itself, calling it "NEW... more affordable."  Create not one Master's Bulletin, but instead divide the price into thirds, and market a Master's bulletin for --- 1.(deep) Opening Analysis, 2.Intricate tactics & Intricate Strategies, 3. (complex)Endgames.  Now for just $20.00 I get 12 issues on just what I am looking for; say Intricate tactics and Intricate Stragies.  A current forty pages or more Master's Bulletin should be able to provide enough material to be broken into thirds.

    Another point is the members of chess.com, the IM's and GM's have books published already.  And may even be writing now to publish more books.  If I have only say $60.00 to invest for a chess material, this can be two or three chess books instead of just one Master's Bulletin at $60.00.  With this comment,  I do hope the Master's Bulletin team / authors consultant with these authors for ideas; maybe the idea of three types of Master's Bulletins be discussed amongst yourselves.

    Finally, to whom is the audience being address with the current Master's Bulletin?  Chess players rated at 2200 and above?  If so, then say so.

    Success for the Master's Bulletin be with you.

    -CJD26  January 11, 2015

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    ? yas

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    Tongue OutiloveKiss

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    Thank you  

  • 4 months ago

    IM DanielRensch

    The Bulletin has free issues, but it's a subscription based magazine!

    Brand new column, AND lower prices though now! Try it out!

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    I am able to download 5 issue for free...is that only 5 are allowed to download for free member?

  • 6 months ago


    Is this an interactive publication; in other words are you able to play through the examples on your tablet?

  • 6 months ago


    I would rather spend that and join ICC and get access to a bunch more videos, content and play. I drop pieces in 5 min blitz - I think I have other things to work on instead of deep opening analysis, intricate tactics and complex endgames.

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    I've subscribed...but how the heck to I access the July issue?

  • 6 months ago


    This is pretty impressive. I think you have to be a crazy person (very intense about chess!) to read it, but as long as there are people like that around it seems like a good idea. I guess people get nutty about other sports too so why not.

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    1. Thank you   all play chess
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    Good afternoon. Question: archives are free for download?

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    After perusal of the all comments, it appears that almost all the lovers of the game of chess may have been avoiding for financial cotribution with the reasons best known to them.


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    free or no ?

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    About $70 a year

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    It's free?

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