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  • 20 months ago


    Hi Elona, agree :)

  • 20 months ago


    The water spirit man looks very smug. Or perhaps just pleased to be playing against such a beautiful opponent.

  • 23 months ago


    Hi BigChiefMugumajola! Thanks for your visit/message. Yes, in the Southern Hemisphere it's crazy-thinking - the white Christmas. :) I heard Australia [not sure if it's true though] have a mid-Christmas as well - in the hope to have a  white Christmas? :)  For us it's crazy to think you sit inside your home, nearly dying of cold during Christmas - my dream for now is a 'sunny' and warm Christmas - warm outside in the wide open fields with a clear night sky and crickets calling their mates. haha... Sounds like your mum enjoyed the traditions during Christmas. 

  • 24 months ago


    I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.Sounds crazy in the southern hemisphere where it is mid summer,But as a child as my mother did carried out the traditions.Her parents had the full Xmas dinner-temperature was at least 28 degrees Centigrade.Then they listened to the BBC overseas radio to hear the Kings speech-It was King George 6  -father of the present Queen of England.I don't like Avatars because they disguise reality.But as a  chess set figures in this "dream" I suppose it is relevant! :)

  • 2 years ago


    hi justachessjunkie, I'm glad you like it. It's a pleasure sharing. :)

  • 2 years ago


    art and chess..... doesnt get much better....... well doneSmile

    thank you for sharing

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