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1 Leage Central Serbia

From 14-22.09 in Kragujevac was 1 Leage of Central Serbia.3 year I play for team Celin Kamen from Nis.We have starting rank 10(from 12 teams)and 4 team was going to second leage next year.It was very hard job for us to stay in first leage this year..Team have only 6 players for all leage...I have very strong tournament on first board.Bhut at the end with good concetracion good team spirit we take 6 place and stay in 1 leage.So team spirit in team competicions is most importand thing.That give you 30-40procent more results if you have good spirit in team.I have 5 points from 10 games on 1 board.Very good results becouse on first board I played against Parligras 2560,Galkin2626,Mista 2582..


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