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Corvidae_Corvus's Blog

    • USTCL Admin Help-Teams by State

      This is only meant to guide you in finding them, and I do not speak for any of the Groups or Teams. That being said, here are some links: Click on Names for info Bold Green= states have a Active Team States in Black have no active team * ... | Read More

    • WL Admin Help- How to setup a match using start time feature

      Using the Start time feature in setting up you matches, particularly any league matches is extremly easy and a great tool as it allows you to set up the start date and time for the match to begin as long as the minimum number of players are enroll... | Read More

    • WL Admin Help-How to Set Alerts

      Here is an easy to follow guide on how to set your alert setting for both yourself and for a group/team  to ensure you get the proper notifications.(The setting shown are my personal Preferances as a Admin, yours may vary, however as a Admin you ... | Read More

    • Player Help-960 or Random chess intro

      Dear teammates, I have noticed there are some good Chess960 players in our group. I think it would be very useful and interesting to talk about Chess960. So, please take the below as an opening low-quality post that will be hopefully followed by b... | Read More

    • Player Help-Vote Chess Basics and Guidelines

      Corvidae_Corvus   What is Vote Chess? Vote Chess is a team-based chess game in which each player casts a vote to determine their team's next move.   In special circumstances, a Vote Chess game might pit a team of Chess.com members against a ... | Read More