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Corvidae_Corvus's Blog

    • 960 or Random chess intro

      Dear teammates, I have noticed there are some good Chess960 players in our group. I think it would be very useful and interesting to talk about Chess960. So, please take the below as an opening low-quality post that will be hopefully followed by b... | Read More

    • Vote Chess Basics and Guidelines

      Corvidae_Corvus   What is Vote Chess? Vote Chess is a team-based chess game in which each player casts a vote to determine their team's next move.   In special circumstances, a Vote Chess game might pit a team of Chess.com members against a ... | Read More

    • The World Cities League & Cities World Cup Teams

      World Cities League and Cities World Cup Teams List Abuja: http://www.chess.com/groups/view/team-abuja Alexandria: http://www.chess.com/groups/view/alexandria Athens: http://www.chess.com/groups/view/team-athens Baghdad: http://www.chess... | Read More

    • North American Cities and Small States/Provinces Team Match League Teams

      Rose City Chess 145 Oregon USA  turin56 New Jersey Chess Team 121 New Jersey USA Ghost90 Team Tennessee 80 Tennesee USA mongreltiger Team Rhode Island 60 Rhode Island USA Black__Knight ... | Read More

    • Team Phoenix Now Recruiting

      Team Phoenix Click on link above to view page   Team Phoenix represents the city of Phoenix Arizona and surrounding communities in the  World Cities League. Members who join must adhere to the Members Code of Conduct and not be a member of an... | Read More

    • World League Teams listing

      Hello all.  Below are some links to help you find your Countries World League teams and  U.S.A. world League Divisional teams. These are a lot of fun and give you a chance to compete aginst some really great players! Please read through their ... | Read More

    • US Team Chess League By State

      This is only meant to guide you in finding them, and I do not speak/promise acceptance for any of the Groups or Teams. That being said, here are some links: Click on Names for info Bold Green= states have a Active Team States in Black have n... | Read More