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Schools of Chess

1. Romantic School

Gambit play. Striving for the initiative. Speculative sacrificial attacks.

2. Classical School

Occupation of the center with pawns. Natural piece development. Consideration of pawn-structure.

3. Hypermodern School

Control of the center with flank pawns, knights and/or bishops in fianchetto. Guerrilla knight play. Destabilising pawn-breaks.

4. Soviet School

Emphasis on dynamism. Acceptance of positional flaws in exchange for activity. Doctrine of research, training and preparation.

5. Unorthodox School

Obscure strategies/unusual tactics. Element of surprise. Psychology.

6. Matrix School

Early deployment of the Queen to provoke 'reflex' moves. Attempts to force quickest possible checkmate. Application of vector theory.

7. Defensive School

Construction of a small center. Most pawns/pieces not developed beyond the third rank. Hedgehog and Double-Fianchetto systems, etc.

8. New School

Appreciation of older-school concepts. EcIectic multi-faceted playing styles. Influenced by 21st century analysis technology.


  • 10 months ago


    Well, I guess that's progress. It makes you wonder what the next school will be like...

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