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Which One Is Supreme?

For years,Chess Dynasties have come and gone.The Fischer Dynasty,The Spassky Dynasty,and,of course,The Petrosian Dynasty.But,what did they use to climb to the top?


There are three main schools of Chess.

1.The Classical School.

This is probably the most common School today.This school promoted large pawn centres,and control of the Centre.Many Chess players play Classical,mainly because Grandmasters have played Classical.The most common Classical Openings are The King's Pawn Opening,And The Queen's Pawn Opening.

2.The Hypermodern School

This is a relaively new School,which is not exactly common,but not exactly rare.This involves allowing the opposition to build a large pawn centre,which the player can easily  target due to the opponent's large mass of pawns.When playing hypermodern,the opposition must be wary of your status so as not to lose a pawn.Many players have mastered this School,some even on this site!Some hypermodern openings are The Pirc Defense,The Benko Opening(not to be confused with the Benko Gambit),The Larsen's Opening,The King's Indian,And The Queen's Indian.

3.Lastly,The Romantic School.This is far from kissing.It actually involves early sacrifices for early development and Control Of The Centre.Naturally,this leads to sharp play and strategies,similar to William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice,or Romeo And Juliet(Brilliant!!!!!!).Often played openings based on this are The King's Gambit,The Queen's Gambit,The Danish Gambit,The Benko Gambit(NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH THE BENKO OPENING).The most famous game with this is The Immortal Game,played in 21st June,1851,between Adolf Anderssen and Lionnel Kieseritzky.

Now,my question for you,which one is supreme.Which one Is The King Of King's?

YOU decide.





  • 8 months ago


    In the 1920's, 1.d4 Nf6 was considered an irregular opening.  Then Tartakower read an old German journal in which there was a game played in 1875 by two Brahmans which began 1.d4 Nf6.  Thereafter he jokingly referred to this as the "Indian Defense".  This is a group for players who are interested in learning and playing the White and Black sides of the hypermodern Indian defenses to 1.d4.  Our group repetoire includes 9 distinct openings: Benko Gambit, Benoni Defense, Bogo-Indian Defense, Budapest Gambit, Grünfeld Defense, Indian Game, King's Indian Defense, Nimzo-Indian Defense, and Queen's Indian Defense.  All our Team Matches, Tournaments, and Vote Chess games are based on these openings.  We currently have a 300 membership maximum.  Please apply if you:

    • play any of these openings
    • are interested in joining Team Matches or Tournaments or Vote Chess
    • wish to contribute in some way to our group
    • already belong to less than 50 groups.


    Click the Indians mascot to apply.

  • 5 years ago


    I am a student of the Romantic School.  I play the King's Gambit, the Morra-Smith Gambit, and extremely sharp lines like the Benoni Defense.  I love gambits and tricks and open games.  I can't get enough of the games of Anderssen, Morphy, and others in that era.

  • 5 years ago


    Have you read the book "The Immortal Game" by that descendant of Rosenthal? It covers those styles well

  • 6 years ago


    I have played most of my games in the classical style, queens gambit, Ruy lopez, etc... staking my ground in the center. However, after having so many of my games disintegrate because my center falls apart, I am starting to believe that I may be better off seeking a more hypermodern opening.

  • 6 years ago


    I play all three,Greatexcalibur,but I lean towards Hypermodern because most of my opponents dismiss my position as lowly,so they overextend their pieces,unknowing of the plan I have in store Wink

  • 6 years ago


    Until now, I am still a big fan of The Classical School..

    Mmm.. but, maybe bit of The Romantic School in the term of sharp play and sacrifices.. Even though, not really as dare as my favourite player, The Magician from Riga! Laughing

    Which one's yours? I bet the second one, according to your profile.. Smile

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