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Dr_Cris_Angel's Blog

    • Let's learn a tactic!

      I hated tactics for the longest time.  My teammates had to drag me kicking and screaming into them....  I was always getting them wrong.. But practice, practice, practice.  I'm getting them more often now.   I am to a point now where I can so... | Read More

    • Cris Angel CLAWS -- until my favorite blunder....

      For fun, my Art of War teammate, Strickland420, and I decided to meet up in live and have a little game.   We hadn't played each other in a long time and when we played before, he always beat me quite easily. Hehe.  I got a wonderful compliment... | Read More

    • And the moral of the story is (again) -- DON'T PLAY WHEN SICK

      My name is Cris Angel.  I like to hang queens.  (((((sigh)))) I HATE forfeits.  So I didn't want to have to say I was ill and take a forfeit loss.  But I have been ill for over two weeks now. This feels like the virus that will never go awa... | Read More

    • The game as I see it -- Game between Okiemann88 for Team 45/45

      Okieman88 had a nice win for team 45/45 and as an exercise, I offered to annotate it to see what I could learn.  So here we go. | Read More

    • Making lemonade and baiting

      Once again, I find myself in the position of being needed as a sub in the Art of War intramural 3. This time, my opponent is Kskonge, another one of my favorites.  (Who am I kidding?  I pretty much love ALL my teammates!).   KsKonge and I had a... | Read More

    • AOW Intramural 3 -- A sub comes through!

      The DHLC (Dan Heisman Learning Center) often hosts inhouse Swiss style tournaments and in order to mix it up some, some of the earlier Swiss events allowed the players to be on teams.  Some time ago (WOW! It's been over a year and a half already!... | Read More

    • A storm is coming!

      For the purposes of learning, this was a game where I got quite a bit of guidance.   I started off on my own and my opponent made some dodgy moves on purpose but it happened to have a good opportunity to "pawn storm".  I've lost from someone paw... | Read More

    • Swiss 13 - Round 6 -- ATTACK THE PIN!

      Swiss 13, round 6 This has not been a very good swiss.   I really hadn't shown to any of my games and lost them quite quickly.  I had been assigned opponents that were far stronger than I am and it was a bit discouraging.  I tried to put up a ... | Read More

    • OUCH -- caught in a trap

      Well... this was a disaster.  No two ways about it.  Disaster start to finish despite the prep. Recall my goals: 1.  Try my best, feel like I'm focusing.  Nope.  We didn't really get far enough but considering the mistakes I made, I say BBB... | Read More

    • Swiss 12 - Round 4 -- d4 for round 4 -- Long live the queen?

      Oh my gosh.  Really?  I must confess.  My opponent CLEARLY did his homework.  I did too.  I looked up my opponent's old games and saw he often plays the Ruy as white.  OH BOY.   I saw he actually plays both the exhange variation and the non... | Read More