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Cowboy's Draft

The cowboys drafted Tyrone Smith Tackle USC 1st round pick #9.  He is DESPERATELY NEEDED! this dude is 6'5" 320 no fat! Very fast athletic I feel great about this pick.  #2Bruce Carter....wellll I want to be excited about Bruce but he is still rehabbing his knee. Obviously the cowboys think we are getting a first round pick on the cheap because of the knee injury only time will tell.  I do wonder if this is a bandwagon pick because UNC had a great defense and many others were picked from that tea.  Also UNC didn't really do anything this year.  #3Demarco Murray Oklahoma.  I think Marion Barber is bye bye folks the new rotation is going to be Tashard Choice/Felix Jones/Demarco Murray.  Please hold on to the ball Tashard, no repeat of season opener against the loathesome Redskins! #4 Gaurd David Arkin Missouri State.  God willing he will be a new Crawford Kerr type gaurd I mean thick and a good pass and run blocker.  #5 Josh Thomas DB be afraid Jenkins!  They want to swap you out if you don't step up!

#6WR Dwayne Harris another Receiver!  Jason Garret is just making sure Miles/Williams/Bryant stay hungry.  #7/1 Shaun Chapas FB Georgia....Well I guess we need a new moose Johnson.  #7/2 Bill Nagy Wisconsin this is a longshot the offensive line is in bad shape and I think even Leonard Davis may be on the chopping block Bill is a longshot but hey he was on the same team as Texan's first round pick JJ Watt.  

I also have great hope for second round pick last year Sean Lee.  Is he our sleeper Brian Cushing?  Maybe.  


  • 4 years ago


    We'll see. They've needed O-line help desperately for a couple of years now. The best thing was the coaching change. We were going nowhere with Wade Phillips. 

  • 4 years ago


    thanks for comment lawdoginator.  I am thinking Tyrone Smith could be a ten year man all-pro basically an offensive line captain and team captain.  I tend to be on the optimist side of things though.  He really is fast and i mean his 40 time is below 5 seconds which for a man of that size is absolutely amazing. 

  • 4 years ago


    Good report. I hope we see them all in training camp soon! 

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