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Jellyfish's Blog

Hey everyone, thanks for reading! :D

    • EARLY Favorite Song(s)

      Songs you used to LOVE. (And maybe you still do!) :) | Read More

    • Natural Entertainment

      Nothing is more fun than to do this. :)  Check it out: Chicken's Head Doesn't Move. | Read More

    • Baby...Freaks...Out

      Old video but still funny. (How many of you have seen it?)   Emerson - Mommy's Nose is Scary!       | Read More

    • Funny But True?

      This struck me as amusing... | Read More

    • Favorite TFK Songs

      Hey everybody. Here's a list of my favorite songs by Thousand Foot Krutch (TFK). These are mostly from their album Welcome to the Masquerade, since that's the one I listen to the most. #1 E for Extinction from Welcome to the Masquerade (2009) ... | Read More

    • Cop Joke 4

      A policeman was interrogating 3 blondes who were training to become detectives. To test their skills in recognizing a suspect, he shows the first blonde a picture for 5 second and then hides it."This is your suspect, how would you recognize him?"T... | Read More

    • Cop Joke 3

      A policeman is on scene at a terrible accident - body parts everywhere. He is making his notes of where the pieces are and comes across a head.He writes in his notebook: "Head on bullevard" and scratchs out his spelling error."Head on bouelevard" ... | Read More

    • Joke #02

      Airport Security alerted an airline crew to keep an eye a blond passenger who appeared excessively nervous and shifty-eyed.  Soon after takeoff, the blond man called a stewardess to his seat and said, "I have a live grenade in my pocket. I'll bl... | Read More

    • Post your discography

      Yeah, so what CDs do ya have? ;D We all want to know, right guys? Will post mine later. | Read More

    • Funny Cop Picture

      And no, before anyone asks, I am not obsessed with cops. Just saying that right out front. ;DD   | Read More