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Beginning+ Tactics Study 3

This is position number 3 of the book I am studying.  Discoveries is the theme.


  • 4 years ago


    Make it 6...Qf4?! - it's still winning, and may even be considered as a macho attempt to suggest your opponent it's time to resign Cool

    The position after 1...Rxf3! 2.Qxe2 might be considered as a difficult beginner's tactic : you need to know the mating pattern and you have to look at the other side of the board to see the bishop Smile

    The initial position is still 'intermediate', I think.

    It looks like your calculation ability is good, certainly better than 1400 !

    And make no mistake : experts are not that good at tactics Wink

  • 4 years ago


    Argh!  6. ...Qf4??  Instead, 6. ...Qd1+ is going be mate!  Right? 7. Bf1 is forced and then Qxf1#.  So 6. Kg1 is better than 6. Bg2 I think, losing the Bishop to 6. ...Qxh3.


    "However, once again, not exactly what I would call a beginner's tactic Smile"

    Certainly, the line to it's full resolution is not a beginner line.  I think the initial tactical vision to spot the discovery that gives an advantage can be "beginner-like".  At least, relative to experts and Masters.

  • 4 years ago


    Maybe 3...Qc1+ is an easier path to the win :

    • 4.Nf1 Rxf1!
    • 4.Kg2 Qxd2+ 5.Kxf3 Qd5+ forks king and rook

    By playing only forcing moves (checks) you don't give white the opportunity to save his rook with Rb8+, though I think your main line is winning too.

    However, once again, not exactly what I would call a beginner's tactic Smile

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