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MetaSquares Lives!


Yes.  The game lives on in SquareFour for Android.  You can download it for free from the Market or you and install in your Chrome browser. (Addtion: It is also available on i-Products and Windows 8 as well as Facebook!  We just need to get people playing again!)

To install in Chrome:

  1. Install Chrome from here.
  2. Once in Chrome, open a new tab and click the Apps link at the bottom.
  3. Next, choose Chrome Web Store at the top left.
  4. Once in the Chrome Web Store, click in the search at the top left and search for "SquareFour".
  5. Install the App.
  6. Launch it.
  7. Play Online and create a screenname.

Once you are in, playing online, you will need to either create a table or join one.  To create a table, simply click "Create My Table" on the bottom left.

To join a table, click on the highlighted name and then click Auto Join.

Once at a table, someone has to "Create a game".  It will ask how long you want each side to have in seconds per move.  60 seconds is a decent amount of time.


When this game was created back in the 1990s, it had a huge following on Americal Online.  AOL tried to begin charging to play it and the creators took it away from them.  Since then, it has struggled to find a continuous server to house the 100,000 member community and the community faded.

There are remnants of the community showing at www.metasquarer.com. You can download an interface there but no-one is ever online.  

I want to encourage you to try this game and let's get the community alive again. If you try it and like it, spread the word!


  • 2 years ago


    I'm still hanging on with MetaSquares!  I play on SquareFour by Bluesky Games on  Chrome, Windows 8 and my Galaxy S3.  Unfortunately, no-one is taking the game seriously and that means Bluesky as well.  They DID make an improvement to the game I suggested but have not done much else to make it inviting.  I am putting suggestions on their web site and hope they will try to implement them.

  • 4 years ago


    Unfortunately, no.  I recently switched to the Galaxy Nexus and the SquareFour does not lay out correctly on the screen, so I have not been on.  For a while, I would routinely create a table and leave it open...checking periodically to see if anyone joined.  Sorry to say, I have not been do that lately.

    I think there will have to be an advertising push to get it going again. I contacted Mike B (from the MetaSquarer site) and he was happy to hear about it, but not confident it would change anything.

    I wish all of us MetaSquarer fans luck.  Maybe it will come around again!

    Thanks for your comment.

  • 4 years ago


    I used to play years ago on Metasquarer I think using the name Dudditz.  You and I played plenty of matches together and I remember learning plenty from you.  

    Its amazing to me that this game is not thriving with people using smartphones and tablets to play other competitive games like Words with Friends.  I just installed Square Four and have gone a few rounds with the AI trying to knock the rust off but was hoping to find a match with a real person.  Are there ever players logged on?   

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