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FIFA, the Taliban, the Roman Catholic Church, and Scientology

Which group does the best job at embodying IRRATIONALITY and EVIL?

Our finalists are:

1) FIFA--the soccer world's governing body

Qualifications:  FIFA has successfully destroyed the sport of soccer by not bringing it into the 21st century and by stubbornly refusing to change any of the archaic rules.  Most notably, FIFA does not use instant replay.  Not only that, but they go so far as to prevent people who fly half-way around the world to watch instant replays on the stadium monitors, for fear that the refs might actually make a correct call.  Furthermore, FIFA blocks youtube videos that replay bad calls from World Cup officials.  For your decades of stubborn refusal to incorporate common sense, FIFA gets nominated as one of the most irrational and evil organizations in the world.  Congratulations!


2) The Roman Catholic Church

Qualifications:  You guys had a nice run.  You really kicked ass in the Middle Ages, and the Spanish Inquisition did a great job at showing all the gypsies and Jews who their daddy is.  And let's not forget your attempts to assassinate Galileo.  And of course, in more recent times, the Holy Roman Catholic Church has done everything it can to be a safe-haven for pedophiles everywhere.  As part of their promotional videos to incoming perverts, the Catholic Church promises to protect all pedophiles from angry parents and government authorities.  In fact, if any of those bratty little kids you molest tell on you, we'll be sure to transfer you to another parish where you'll have a new batch of fresh-meat to devour.  We spare no expense at hiring the best lawyers for your protection because, hey, you're going to straight to Heaven and we're not going to let a little thing like raping children get in the way of your living la vida loca while here on earth. 


For your 2000 years of corruption, ignorance, ritualized cannibalism, and global pedophilia racket, the Roman Catholic Church qualifies as one of the most IRRATIONAL AND EVIL organizations on Earth.  GREAT JOB GUYS! 

Fortunately, while the Pope is busy protecting child-rapists in his headquarters in Vatican City, the Pope has his Roman Catholic Ambassador to the US, Mel Gibson, here to spread The Truth of the Good Word--namely, the Jews, women and minorities are evil.  Hallelujah!!  Praise Mel!


3)  The Taliban

The Taliban are like Fundamentalist Christians, only Muslim, and with a better fashion sense.  The Taliban know that a woman's place is in the home, covered in black, and cooking something not containing pork.  In fact, the Taliban go so far as to bomb schools for girls, poison their water, and even throw acid in their faces.  Great job guys!!  For doing everything possible to make life miserable for women, gays, children and infidels, and for providing safe haven for Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban rightly deserve their place as one of the most IRRATIONAL and EVIL organizations in the world.  Way to go!


 4) Scientology

Scientologists just barely edged out Mormonism for our top spot, mainly because the Mormons have Mitt Romney (Harvard MBA, former governor and presidential candidate), but the Scientologists have Tom Cruise.  If Tom Cruise believes in Scientology, then it MUST be true.  The fact that the founder of your religion was, coindentally, a science FICTION writer does nothing to deter you from whoring yourself out on the sidewalk to give complete strangers personality tests.  A truly innovative business model that could only work in a place as flaky as southern California.  Great job guys!

So who gets your vote for the most IRRATIONAL and EVIL organization in the world today?  (Okay, perhaps ICC should get honorable mention, but we'll leave that for another blog post)

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