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Beauty of Chess

Hello everyone. Last night I found a famous study of an endgame and I want to share it because it is beautiful and brilliant.White to move and win. Enjoy Smile !


  • 23 months ago


    The board postion seen is from one of the most famous endgame studies (compostions)

    ever made.  It was composed in Scotland in 1895 by a Spanish priest whose last name

    was Saavedra. There are many references to this study on the web. The original position

    from that study is as follows:

  • 23 months ago



    interesting. The most natural move will stalemate. Kc3 will eventually win. Knowing this is a study there must be a better solution. So i started thinking about underpromoting  the pawn to a rook and turns out that the threat of Ra8# is unstoppable. This is cool because usually Rook vs Rook is a dead draw.

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