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Opening Traps and inaccuracies

This past weekend, I decided to play in a 5-round FIDE tournament. I hadn't played OTB since January, so to get myself ready, I decided to play a 4-round G/30 tournament on Friday night. As it turns out, I don't think this was a great decision, but more on that later.

I'm going to relate these 9 games, in order. I dont' have all the scoresheets with me, but I'm going to go as far as I remember (which I actually think is about everything, at least until the games were totally decided).

First up, I was playing against a "B" player.


A well-known opening inaccuracy compounded with a couple furhter mistakes, and it was a pretty quick, simple round for me.
In the next round, I was up against an NM, with my second black in a row. Not so easy.
An interesting game for a little bit after my opening mistake, at least until my second blunder. Next blog, I'll finish up the rapid tournament and maybe start on the main event.

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