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  • 19 months ago


    my deer friends let me  make a apology two the six teams . the three teams i have and the two steves has and one 960 ninja teams. this morning I sent out six invites to nine friends. six times sent out six invites to the same friends. I did use the the invite of each teams the one that has 30 friends in it. so I went to the share icon and then went to members and went down the list. after I had about twenty friends to send invites to rush fans i said hay I can coppy these friends and  can send the invites to every one didferrent teams but the same people six times. one friend so far did not like this. the friend did not like this and said i  spame him I did say I was sorry to him a few times explan to him what I did like I am doin now to all of my friends here who read this mesage. if this is wroung I am truly sorry. i did not know this was wroung to do this. i apologies to the nine friends I did this to and the six times. and with the six teams. I am really feel bad now. and I promise now that I know this it wroung it will not happen to again. i am truly sorry to all  my friends and team mates. that are involed and ask for your forgivenes. for you all know I am new to understand how a sa is surpost to be . my misatack will teach me to learn and be a better SA will always say if I am wroung then I was wroung and amite it. that is how we grow and understad to have the knoledge that brings wisdome. sorry my friends thank you Randy brigatine-66

  • 19 months ago



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