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Christine's Blog

I'm posting my over-the-board games here mostly to force myself to analyze them more deeply, but also because I'd love feedback on them if anyone has it to offer.

    • Chicago Open 2014

      I've been looking forward to the Chicago Open for a long time.  I had registered for the U1300 section, and was still eligible, since my published rating was 1250.  I felt pretty confident, though, as my "real" rating was over 1400.  Alas, any ... | Read More

    • Ice Harbor Parents and Friends 2014

      Ana and I have been looking forward to Ice Harbor for a long time.  It was a really fun tournament last year, especially since it's held at a hotel with a water park, so splashing between rounds is a distinct possibility.  It was fun again this ... | Read More

    • Junior High Nationals Parents and Friends

      Ana and I flew to Atlanta for Junior High Nationals last weekend, even though I was still recovering from pneumonia and probably shouldn't have gone.  I was glad we went, though, because Ana tied for third in the K-9 U1250 section, and won the se... | Read More

    • Iowa Class D Championship

      I'm rated below Class D, but thought I'd take my chances and play in the Class D championship this year.  I ended up coming in second.  This is a long blog...because they were GOOD games...the kind where people said to me, "You WON?" afterwards.... | Read More

    • Broken Pawn Reserve

      I'm about a month late posting my games from the Broken Pawn Reserve, held in Marshalltown on February 8.  It's been a busy month.  What a fantastic tournament this was!  Great games (even though I lost three of four, I was happy with my play o... | Read More

    • Cedar Rapids Leather Jackets

      Ana and I decided to play in the Cedar Rapids Leather Jackets Reserve this year.  A number of factors made this an interesting tournament.  First, my four-year-old was sick the night before, and had to sleep in our bed.  This meant that I got e... | Read More

    • Wisconsin Action

      Ana and I traveled to Madison, Wisconsin yesterday on the advice of Jim Hodina, who thought it would be fun to play out-of-state against people we're not used to playing.  He was right - it was fun!  It was the first tournament I've been to that... | Read More

    • WDM Parents and Friends

      Ana decided to play in Hank's tournaments today, even though she knew she would be higher-rated than the other players...she wanted an outright win in one of his tournaments, and by golly she got one in the morning section.  I thought I'd TD the ... | Read More

    • Susan Polgar Simul Game

      Here's the game I played against Susan Polgar in the simul at the Susan Polgar World Open for Boys and Girls. | Read More

    • Coralville Classic

      Ana and I played in the Coralville Classic today, although we had to take a bye in the last round so Ana could get back to Ames for an event.  Both of us won one of our three games, and for both of us, our win was against someone lower-rated and ... | Read More