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Would you compare chess to life?

Chess is very comparable to life. There are many ways to relate. One of them is choices. In the beginning of a chess game, you have a little amount of choices. It is like life because it starts with what toy you want to buy or which friends you make. Then as you progress in the game (or life) your choices become more elaborate. You'd be deciding who to marry, which job you have, and even which house to buy. The choices that you make deeper in life are results of the choices you make in the beginning of life. Same as in the game. Playing E4 could make for a whole different variety of choices then if you played D4. They might have the same amount of choices after playing them, but they're different. So from here, you could probably say that the beginning of life is like the opening, the adult/ middle-aged part of life is like the middle game, and the end of your life is the endgame. Another comparison is checkmate. You could compare checkmate to when you die. The 2-move checkmate (1. f4 e6 2. g4 Qh4#) is a comparison to a very early death, but very long games that are 100+ moves are compared to living a long life. In the endgame which is compared to the end of you life is when your choices decrease again because your retired and your kids already moved out. You're now longer full of excitement and you don't have very much to do. Your choices, therefore, decrease. This is one way to compare chess to life. Feel free to post any other ways to compare chess to life.


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