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A trip to the ocean

    On Wed, 14th of Mar, I needed to get away from the home front for a little quality time w/ myself. So at 3:15 in the morning I packed a light overnight bag, & took my 2010 Toyota Tacoma to Assateaque Island. The island w/ the majority of it within Maryland borders, also crosses the Virginia border. A barrier island, the end result of a hurricaine runs parelell to Chincoteague island which can be accessed via bridges. With the exception of an abundance of flies, mosquito's & ticks during the summer, its most rewarding to visit the island this time of year. Yesterday was unseasonably warm & I found myself sheding down to a tank top. My 1st stop was to the ranger station where I acquired my OSV  or Over Sand Vehicle permit for $90.00, but last a full year w/ unlimited usage. With it, I can go on the beach w/ my vehicle from 6am till 12midnight. Upon getting to the beach I was shocked to learn of all the beach erosion damage from Hurricane Irene last year. Thier were multiple dump trucks, front end loaders & graders on the beach in an effort to "REBUILD" the beach. The noise & emmissions produced by the large construction equipment has a profound effect on the delicate Eco-system, this espesially pertains to the wild hoarse's that were ship wreak survivor's upon discovery of the new world hundreds of years ago.

    My Tacoma, w/ its 31" tires had little &/or no problem negotiating the beach sand. sitting in the sand on a blanket I just sat there fir hours, soaking a most welcome warm sun, & even took a nap on the beach as I specified earlier, I had left early in the morning for the almost 6hr long drive. Waking up, looking out to sea, I observed a school of dolphins swimming by, I've seen this before, but this was an unusally large school. It reminded me of what I read about on the internet about dolphins beaching themselves. I watched them till I could no longer see them, then I set about the task, plastic bag in hand, looking for treasures of the sea which were usually abundant, but Irene pretty much reclaimed much of it.

    Though I was by myself, the peace, the warm sun beating on me accompanied w/ a consistant breeze from the ocean truly put my self in a state of well being & harmony w/ myself.  The warmth of the sun was very benifical on my arthritic legs as well. It was a most excellent outing


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    Very cool!! Is there a way for you to post any pictures?

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