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I threw away everything.

So I was playing an 1800 guy today. I played really well early and mid game. He had 2 minutes left on the clock while I had 20. First, I blunder an exchange. THEN I MISS A FREE ROOK. After I missed it, I asked my opponent "Where was that queen before? Did I just miss a free rook?". He replied "Yup! :D I think you did!" I am so mad. Make me feel better please.


  • 19 months ago


    This things simply happens. Normally when I make a blunder I enter in cycle of bad moves, it is difficult leraning how to recover the concentration. I'm 1900 FIDE and 2000 national (my rating will up +25-30 in the next month) and in standard controls I lose a piece one to other times (in rapid games every, I'am slow thinking). You can search the reason and improve.

    In my case I resolt a lot of tactics puzlees this isn't my problem. I think and in many cases is a lost of concentration (i have very problems with this) This is not a excuse is a defect (I can work this, and I would work this), in others ocassions is because I'm in zeitnot (I can use better the time) and I think slow (Grau recomend a exercise to improve inmediate vision, think all posibles moves of every movement when we reproduced master games to gain speed and inmediate vision) and others.


    You can think why is the reason and work with this, improve, and reduce the frequency.

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