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SIRENAS:Mito or realidad?/ "SIRENS: Myth or Reality?"

the minds of most people, the sirens are totally fantastic creatures from fairy tales and mythology. The SIRENS special challenges this popular belief, raising the possibility that the sirens are as real as any of us. To do this, the program examines the scientific theory (theory of aquatic primate) that supports the possible existence of mermaids and their subsequent evolution from apes.

Combining storytelling, science and human history, SIRENS forces us to open our minds to question the limits of our beliefs and the hypothetical possibility that something could be true.

There are already some proven facts that could help us to believe in something unthinkable: the possibility that mermaids really exist.

It is true that polar bears, currently categorized as marine mammals, brown bears evolved ...

So ...

Is it possible that some monkeys were separated from apes ground for millions of years (due to coastal flooding) and evolve into water creatures somehow related to humans?

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