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Giuoco Piano Opening Trap Video

Howdy Chess Friends,

learningthemoves here with a quick, fun opening trap for you

in the Giuoco Piano opening. 

Most know the Giuoco Piano as the opening for white playing the "Italian Game".

Like many 1.e4 openings, this opening can lead to exciting games of attack with sharp lines.

This particular trap takes advantage of white's quick development and an almost "invisible" secret weapon.

Now that you've seen and played through the moves with the interactive diagram,

Check out a quick video I made for you this morning and we can discuss the ideas deeper in more detail with a real, live blitz game I just played a few minutes ago so I could show you how to use this to win.

Enjoy! And please leave your comments, questions and/or ideas

below after watching the video and talk to you soon!

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    Thanks for the encouragement Black_Knight, I really appreciate it. I really get a lot of value from your videos so it means a lot. Thanks.

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    Nice Video. Keep' em coming.

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    Hey, thanks for posting the comment and encouragement Tercarte!

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