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Positional Strategy or Tactics? The Answer May Surprise You!...

Howdy Chess Friend, 

Learning the Moves here with a quick question for you.

Do you know how you'd answer the question if someone new to chess asks you, "Should we aim to be a tactical or positional style chess player?"

Here's what this is all about...

I saw in the forums where someone created a thread asking which one is more important..."Tactics" or "Positional Play"?

(In the last year or so since I became a member here, I've seen

this same debate several times in one form or another. Haven't you?)

I've even found myself asking it at least a time or two.


the question asks which is best for a beginner to focus on first,

or which style of play is best -- tactical or positional?

There's always a little controversy with the opinions on this topic no matter the experience level or rating of those participating in the discussion and so...

when I saw my opponent typed something interesting in the chat box after a game we played...

I felt it was time to finally share my "take" on how to answer this age old

question beginners to chess usually find themselves asking at some point on their journey to a fuller chess understanding.

And because I received some encouraging feedback from the last video I made to share with you here,

I decided to make you another one covering this topic.

After a little introduction, I also show you a game I played yesterday because I believe it illustrates the answer to the "Positional Vs. Tactics" question in a way that is easy to "get" because you can see it demonstrated with an actual example for you and explained firsthand by the player.

I share my thought process during the game as I play through the moves so you can see the ideas behind them.

And the answer may surprise you!

While this video was created for those newer to chess, at my current level or below, I also welcome the insights of more experienced players.

With all that out of the way...here's the the link where you can access your video today:

*Click the Link Below to Access the Video:

=>  http://www.screencast.com/t/A6DvTQC4vxq

If you enjoyed the video please feel free to post your comment here below. Do you agree with the answer revealed in the video?



  • 19 months ago


    Terrific video, LTM!  And I happen to agree -- one can't use the tactics you've learned without understanding how to set up the pieces to get there.  It all works hand-in-glove :)

  • 2 years ago


  • 2 years ago


    your welcome , i enjoyed watching this video i mean someone who just started with chess will learn allot from it so thank you you put this on :)

  • 2 years ago


    Hey Xamdrasiel,

    Thanks for watching the video and for letting me know you watched it with your comment. I also appreciate the kind words. I have miles to go on my chess journey, but even here at the start I get great personal satisfaction when I see something I've learned and applied work to produce results. :)

    If I can help just one person, one time, experience the same joy, then that, too, is its own reward. 

    Thanks again for keeping up with me my friend. 

  • 2 years ago


    nice and yes i think you need some tactic and view but i think this game was an low rated opp now nothing wrong with that i just mean lot of players don't fall for this but you got a point here you have to have tactic and i know you are a very good player

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