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"The Chronicles of Mann" Book 3 continued

Chapter 7

 Karla’s not dead, not yet; what Mandrel had as a gift in life didn’t need to tell him this; they both went into the river, only one came out; it’s not over till it’s over and I see his dead body, Franklin faked his death once already and Karla was a part of him doing it.

   I’ve proven nothing if I can’t bring him in, “dead or alive” is how I’m looking at it, Butter listened carefully to what the detective told him now, he knew it’s the young man’s wishes to become one; in his eyes he’s proven to be that and more, the young man’s come a long way from once being a helpless kid victim of a serial killer, to someone out to settle the score, an eye for an eye; Butter liked that about the young detective.

   He did his homework on him and all ‘a the major players in his little clandestine case, he’s suppose to be on his vacations, but once he got here everything started coming back together, and his own personal cold-case got hot fast; it was all there, clear evidences of what he said they’d find if they let him scratch the surface. No one wanted to hear anything more about it though way back when he mentioned something about a serial killer active in New York City, one that’s been around for awhile operating right under their noses, and that he’s most likely a cop; not only that, but the cop he suspected all along, Franklin Littleton. Mandrel had reported as much years ago when he came out of a coma in the nuthouse, it was totally ignored, and dismissed as no more then something said by someone crazy. Someone who claims to be the younger brother of an officer named Edward Mann; who’s only brother died less then a year after birth, they said he couldn’t be who he said he is, so the report was just ignored for that reason first and foremost, and for what I believe was most likely because he’s a black kid talking about a white man that happens to be a cop, and a war hero before that. No one even mentioned the report even though I once said as much before to someone about my suspicion concerning this cop; it was a cover-up, someone knew all along about Franklin’s behavior, Butter couldn’t help wonder why Jean Paul hadn’t ever mentioned any of this to him in all this time; surely he knew something about the report being made, it concerned two N.Y.P.D. officers that had some kind ‘a involvement in a cop serial killer case, one’s dead and the other is Franklin; that’s more then just a coincident if you ask me, specially after he mentioned it more then a few times, it’s even came up after their love making more then twice, always ending in bitter words spoken. It was being covered–up; Jean Paul knew this right from the start, but played it off to further his own political career, the then New York City’s D.A. is now U.S. Attorney General Jean- Paul Dupree; he helped cover this up. That changed everything, this is personal now, before it was just doing his job; now he wanted answers for a more personal reason, things like how could you do this to not only me, but too the people you took an oath to protect from something like this? Butter needed to know this real bad; it’s what drove him on now, his once lover had become the true enemy all along, and it was time to pay now for all the harm it caused, this case had ruined his career, and his lover had stood by and let it; more then that, helped it, and he wanted to know why? 

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