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"The Chronicles of Mann" Book 3 continued

Chapter 10


   Butter watched the young Detective carefully when he first

started the bouncing around shit; *he didn’t like it,) the guys

changing right before his eyes he thought as the young mans face even seemed to change as well while he twisted his head around and back ‘n forth like a prizefighter about to get busy.

   What kind ‘a stupid shit is that?

Yep; he changed all right, doesn’t even sound the same

anymore; I wonder if he knows he does this?

   Mandrel stopped as soon as he noticed the FBI agent staring

at him; “Ops; my bad.”

   What was that all about anyway, you alright?

Kind ‘a, but don’t let that bother you if you want my help;

there’s someone else in me, but he’s still me, just me as a

teenager; yeah it sounds strange but that’s just the way it is, you

can take it as is, or leave it alone now; what’s it gone ‘a be?

Where do we start with this one Detective, there’s clearly

been a kidnapping here, and you got the call, what’s next?

   Ever been to Hell?


That’s where I’m going, that’s what’s next; if I take you with

me you take an oath of silence for what you’re about to become

a part of, this oath is taken seriously and would be the death of

you if broken; you still want some of this?

   Butter thought about this for a few minutes before he made up

his mind; my job says I should report this kind of thing, but I’m

not on the clock now, and if I do this I may not ever be again,

can’t be both F.B.I. agent and not do my job, taking such an

oath would conflict with the laws of the Government I swore to


   Butter was going rouge; he felt Mandrel may had already

killed the so call serial killer he claimed existed but had no

prove of, there’d be no “comeback for his career as the FBI #1

Profiler,” Butter removed his badge and said; swear me in.

   He really didn’t know what to make of this (maybe

imaginary) place Mandrel called Hell; shit, he knows the guy

gets a nut check, that he could be just making all of this shit up,

but the kidnapping had been real, and someone was cooking out

there in what’s left of a limo; this man is his only clue to helping those people; he had no doubt he’d get his ass kicked and left behind if he made any other choice, maybe there’s really something to what the young Detective’s saying, he wanted to help save those people if he can; “swear me in and lets go.”






















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