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The tree in the cave

The Rock and a hard spot.


The footsteps coming toward me brought me back to the situation on hand here and now, my mind wanted to think of anything other then the reality of the moment, I wasn’t just chilling out at home listening to KGOR and still trying to write a book after another hard days work up at the old house with my boys; I was somewhere being really mistreated to say the least.

The chair was tilted back again and the fun was just getting started when the next voice I heard was the one of the Plain suit cop who told the blue suit to cut me loose.

Seems for some strange ass reason I knew all of this would be connected with him right in the forefront of it all.

I wasn’t really any kind of a detective in real life, but I’m fast to figure something out about a thing, I’m not always right about what I think I’m checking out about a thing every time something pulls me to do so, but nobodies counting anyway, I just know what I know and it proves true more times then not.

But still, none of this shit made any kind of sense to me; why take me somewhere and do me like this over something I made up in a crazy wild-ass story?

Then it hit me, what if the part about the government doing secret experiments on humans isn’t just a made up thing that’s not really happening in life, what if it’s more truth then fiction and that’s why they want me to tell them something about how I came up with the idea in the first place, it’s like the shit the hero in The Marathon Man had to go through because the bad guys thought he knew more then he actually did.

Yeah right, don’t you go there, this ain’t nothing like that, stay focused; be like Wolfgang, let’s take this shit to the next level.

They were still slapping the shit outta me and watering me down real good when my mind heard plainclothes cop’s voice in the background right along with whoever was the radio speaker on KGOR at that moment, focus on the speakers voice I told myself to help me determine the time based on who’s talking, KGOR was where I brought my focus every time I regained consciousness, listening to some of the most sorry ass music imaginable was to become a process by which I’d save myself when the time comes to act; I’d come out rock’n at the sound of the bell, I’m ‘a “KGOR”  em’ for real, Rock 100!

That was my plan, sure it had some blind spots and rough one’s too to workout on a spur of the moment when the opportunity presented itself, it was just a matter of staying focused on finding a way outta this shit; it was tell myself this kinda stuff or let it all have it’s way with me, there’s nothing to fear besides fear itself; I meant to try and beat them in the end if I see the slightest sign to do so, it’s goanna be give it all or none, gotta go all out on this one or I’m going to be a dead man when it ends.

I wasn’t ready to accept that I told myself as I thought about my kids and getting back to them; Wolfgang had a child of his own on the way before fifteen, sure he looks kinda big for, no he looks like what he was at the time (13 going on 14) and the eighteen year old girl who set out to take advantage of a kid knew he wasn’t as old as he may have said he was at the time; she just had the Hot’s for the boy even though his older brother Mark was trying to get her attention, she was a young cougar in training that got a hold of him, there was a reason he was able to slip away long enough to do this baby making with me being none the wiser until it was plain to see, for one thing it was just plain good ole fashion lying is what he did, he did a lot of that and more; he managed to get the others around him not to say a word.

Nobody said nothing, doesn’t that seem odd to you, we’re talking about kids following a design by another kid who’s in some cases younger then those who helped him get pass me so easily; it all has me looking at things differently now when it comes to what I think I know about kids of today I’ll tell you what?

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, it fell right under it actually, and what he did is something that came from me, he out thought everyone that could get in his way before they had a chance to do so.

I’d have to do just that in this situation if I stand any chance at all of getting through this, somehow I’d have to out think them by playing them against each other in such a way they’d stay played, that what he did, and I use to say ’if you can beat me rocking you can have my chair’ no kid of mine has ever done it to the point I had to give them my chair, I’m the heavyweight “Rocking Chair Champ” of the whole World, plus I planned to give these fools hell, take me somewhere and water board me, yeah it’s really happening to me and I’m believing it too now, by doing so I’ll be able to get something done to stop it; I’m going to make it back to my boys come hell or high water or whatever this shit is about, they picked on the wrong guy this time.

As my thoughts were on listening to the sounds of the voice on the radio I began to notice that one of my captors was really into KGOR he would often sing along with the songs even though he had one of the worst singing voice I’ve ever heard and seemed to stay stuck on one particular singing group in general and one of their song in particular, its the song by America called “Horse with no name,” “or I been through the desert” or some old bull shit like that; he sang it on and off all day long, with or without hearing the actual song, he sang he’s been through a desert on a horse with no name constantly, so much in fact that captor#2 was really becoming irate about it and at times would say as much to him asking him if he knew any other songs sometimes more than four to six times a day.

Days had gone by since first coming here, I knew because it was up every morning with Todd and Tyler on KGOR and so far two times I heard their well known voices as they went through their boring radio program 5 days a week on the station that plays all the “Golden Oldies” from the 70s and 80s.

I was taking in as much information as I could whenever I can so when the moment comes I’ll be ready as I can possibly be to try to escape, so far there wasn’t very much of use to me, but after hearing how captor #2 disliked the other ones singing a plan started forming in my water soaked head.

The next day after Todd and Tyler I was just a singing away at every white song by America I could remember, being black I seldom listen to white music anymore, but there was a time when the radio was all a person had and KGOR was one of the most listened to radio station in Omaha; ‘Sometimes late when blah, blah, blah, and you get the prize that sits upon the,’

Hey shut that shit up, this ain’t American Idol here; just shut it up if you know what’s good for you!

Stand down, we have no authorization to continue pass this point, orders are orders, you don’t have to like them, but on my watch we go by the book, and there’s nothing about stopping him from singing the last time I looked, so just do your job and don’t read anything into it.

At that point Captor #1 started singing too, “Some times late when things are quiet and people share the gift of,”

Fuggit, you two should probably start a singing group after this, we got three more days of this shit to go through and I’m not trying to hear that shit all day for the next three days, listening to you all day is bad enough, but either he stops with the singing or you can find a way to do this by yourself.

‘Ooh-o God didn’t ever give anything to the Tin-man that he didn’t, didn’t already have”.

I couldn’t see #one’s face through this blindfold but I believe he was smiling as he sang on (with his horrible voice), but even though I couldn’t see him I still went on and winked at him anyway like we were co-conspirators even though he couldn’t see it, afterwards I started singing with him; “so please believe in me when I say I’m going around, round, round, round;” as we sang I heard # two walking away talking to himself or maybe Mr. Plain-suit, I couldn’t be for sure which, but one thing I did know now that I didn’t know before; I only had three days to live.



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