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Danger alert

To the staff of this website: if my post is not tolerable you can take it down (remove it) and i won't complain, so please don't close my account for this. close cheaters instead.

Beware not to be duped by religion:

Don't hate me just because i'm an atheist [filthy godless heathen, blaspheming scum-sucker infidel], If your religion teaches you hate, then how will that help you when you're looking for peace? I’m OK with simple religious people. I’m only against those tricksters who promised you heaven so they can steal this world. I have many nice friends which call themselves muslim, but if they acted the way the Quran told them to, they would be like Al-Qaeda Taliban. Religions can cause wars, terrorism, dictatorship and so on [if you don't agree review the entire history: Crusades, burning scientists by the church in the past... and nowadays: Islamic Jihad by ISIS in Iraq, genocide in Gaza Strip by the Zionist-Jewish government of Israel, human rights violations in Iran by its Islamic government... meanwhile believing in some nasty things such as sacrificing for their deity [prophet Abraham was about to kill his own son as a sacrifice to his imaginary friend] or believing in the eternal and the worst kind of torture in hell shows the hidden violence behind those ideologies. Do you know how horrible is stoning a person just because she had sex?] atheism is the cure, it comes with peace and humanity.

Of course there can be a kind of religion with no bad aspects, for instance the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster [more information on www.venganza.org ] but i still prefer to be an atheist instead of being a Pastafarian. End superstitions for goodness' sake! Once man became able to record and document things: no more canes turned into a speaking snake, no more babies were born from a virgin mother, no man came out from a whale's belly few days after being swallowed and no dead became alive. I can't believe in stories like the myth of Noah's ark and the rejection of evolution when there are many evidences for it.
Thanks for your patience while reading and please feel free to criticize what i have written! :)


  • 4 months ago


    Many religious doctrines...

    many philosophies...

    many scientific theories...

    are like a window pane. 

    We see truth through it but it divides us from truth itself.........

    Dear "mashroot" your thoughts and your concepts are right...!

    are ethicals.. are really morals.. are truly free from absurd conditionings. 

    Even an innocent and pure child could understand it...!

    Already a child ... 



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