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Last Round (Pressure, tension, psychological game)

In the last round I' m in the 4th standing. I have the score of +3-1=0/5.

In the final round, I will play against a much stronger opponent. He is 3rd in standings and we will play who will be the 2nd placer, our score is the same; but his rating is higher than me.

In the endgame; he made a mistake (not using a lot of his clock to calculate his game) and I took this opportunity to win easily. The bishop move is beautiful and this cause me to win the last round. 



In this position, Black has an advantage. Why? 

-The bishop is far superior powerful than Knight.

-Black has a pawn majority from queenside.

-White has a doubled pawns.

But how and when to attack?


The game continued with:

1...Bc3! The Bishop blocks the White queen from protecting the c3 pawn. And White can no longer play the 2.Nd4 to block the a1-h8 diagonal for the Bishop. 2.Qc2. This move protects the b-pawn. 2...a5!? A natural move to make if you have a pawn majority at one flank. 3.Kf1. The King must participate the game. 3...a4; 4.bxa4 bxa4; 5.Qa2 Qb3; 6.Qe2 Qb1+; 7.Ne1 Qxe1+; 8.Qxe1 Bxe1; 9.Kxe1 a3 



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    Can't wait to publish the first four (4) games.

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    Play boldly No Matter how strong the opposition. -Eric Schiller

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