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Hello I'm OldEnglish800 from Las Vegas, NV.  Im a general chess addict, and conneseur of Logic and Literature. 

When I was trying to get the Chess.com app for my ipod so that I can play everywhere I go, I discovered that my ipod is a bit too old.  So I just settled for the Free Chess app.  I turned it up to full strength and played.  Now, my I'm not a Master, though I hope to be one some day when I have a long white beard like the old wizardly Chessmaster icon.  Nevertheless, I was at least a bit pleased when destroyed my generic free opponent.  I'm too dissilusioned to brag about my little win here, so I'm simply hoping someone could perhaps show me a quicker win, or what would be even better, where I should have got a worse position against a better opponent.  In any case, the following game is just a lttle light-hearted intro. 

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