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old chess problem books

J. W. Abbott: 121 Chess Problems (1887)

Afton bladets Problemturneringar 1898-1904 (1906)   143kb
Arnell & Sørensen: Nordiske Skakproblemer (1879)   186kb
Mrs. W. J. Baird: 700 Chess Problems (1902)   721kb
Otto T. Bláthy: Vielzügige Schachaufgaben (1890)   126kb
Oscar Blumenthal: Schachminiaturen [I] (1902)   305kb
Oscar Blumenthal: Schachminiaturen, Neue Folge [II] (1903)   266kb
J. B., of Bridport: Chess Strategy (1865)   227kb
F. C. Collins: Selection of Chess Problems (1881)   178kb
Jean Dufresne: Sammlung leichterer Schachaufgaben, I (1881)   253kb
Jean Dufresne: Sammlung leichterer Schachaufgaben, II (1882)   218kb
Jean Dufresne: Sammlung leichterer Schachaufgaben, III (1887)   178kb
C. A. Gilberg: Crumbs from the Chess-Board (1890)   387kb
F. Healey: 200 Chess Problems (1866)   187kb
Jespersen: 320 Danske Skakopgaver (1902)   359kb
Ph. Klett: Schachprobleme (1878)   441kb
B. G. Laws: The Artistry of the Chess Problem (1923)   206kb
Löwenthal: Era Problem Tourney (1857)   113kb
F. W. Martindale: Chess Problems (1872)   131kb
A. C. Palmer: A Collection of Chess Problems (1890)   102kb
J. Pierce & W. T. Pierce: English Chess Problems (1876)   281kb
V. M. N. Portilla: Chess Problems (1873)   130kb
J. A. Ros: 370 Utvalda Svenska Schackproblem (1901)   318kb
C. F. Stubbs: Canadian Chess Problems (1890)   138kb
C. F. Stubbs: Globe Problem and Solution Tourney No. 2 (1888)   122kb
Taverner: Chess Problems Made Easy (1924)   290kb
John Thursby: Seventy-Five Chess Problems (1883)   91kb
E. Wallis: 777 Chess Miniatures in Three (1908)   392kb
C. W. of Sunbury: Chess Problems (1885)   140kb
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