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Shame-based Learning

I haven't been able to play in any tournament games at ACC for several weeks thanks to start-of-term madness at the college, and my slow games and thought process have suffered a bit as a result. I'll be looking forward to getting an OTB routine back soon — meanwhile, here is a low-light from a 10-minute game I played this morning here in Live Chess. I managed to LOSE this game from here, unable to make simple calculations with only a little bit of time pressure. Find the easy mate-in-three that I missed?


So the goal for the immediate future is to eliminate some negatives:

• stop losing won games by moving hastily
• find more slow games, lose some bad habits gained from blitz
• get back to a regular regime of daily tactics, esp. Back to Basics: Tactics and Learn Chess Tactics
• spend more time reviewing after slow games, annotating and posting here 


  • 23 months ago


    Good point.

  • 23 months ago


    Then black just takes the queen 34...Rxd8 and is winning.

  • 23 months ago


    34. Re1 would have worked also I think.

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