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    • A Mighty Fortress - Part 1

      In today's blog post, we will look at fortress positions. We will look at what they are and look at a couple examples. We will look at a position that I reached in a recent game and decide whether it is a fortress or not. Continue on to learn mor... | Read More

      • PaulEChess
      • | Apr 25, 2015
    • My Biggest Win to Date

      After a long break from blogging and only playing sporadically, I am happy to share a game I played in a recent rapid tournament at the Marshall Chess Club. Although it isn't my cleanest win, it is certainly my biggest, taking down a player rated ... | Read More

    • Breaking out of a losing streak

      Lessons to myself    1) To play only when I know for the next 20-30 mins at least I will not be disturbed.  2) If on losing streak of more then 2 games a day, stop and analyse one's loss or start practising chess tactics. 3) if lacking slee... | Read More

    • Nigel Short Gyrates the Gender Issue

      I hasten to thank Grandmaster Nigel Short for the juicy conversation starter.  My response is a mixed bag, like my chess progress and women's achievements. Results could be better, but there are bigger distractions, and no more time can ... | Read More

      • zealandzen
      • | Apr 23, 2015
    • Breaking out of the Maroczy Bind in The Sicilian Accelerated Dragon - Part 2

      Hello Chess Fans, Black's strongest weapon against 1.e4 is the Sicilian Defence 1...c4. The Dragon and Accelerated Dragon are Black's most direct counterattacking schemes in the Sicilian, where a fianchettoed bishop on g7 exerts a powerful infl... | Read More

    • Lessons from the Philly Open / (My) Quest To GM

      Well, it's been quite some time since I seriously thought about chess, but now - for whatever reason - the inevitable allure of the GM title speaks to me once more. I've never been what one might consider a particularly strong player, particularly... | Read More

    • Breaking out of the Maroczy Bind in The Sicilian Accelerated Dragon - Part 1

      Hello Chess Fans, Today we will continue reviewing the Sicilian Accelerated Dragon and demonstrate various tactics used by Masters to Break out of the Maroczy Bind.  It is characterized by the moves: 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 g6 (Sic... | Read More

    • Chess for Child

      Imagine that you’re at your first chess tournament. The room is silent, except for the quiet breathing of the people around you. You study the sixty-four checkered squares in front of you. Glancing over at the chess clock you see you have plenty... | Read More

    • Women in Chess: The #sexisminchess Controversy

      Women in Chess: The #sexisminchess Controversy   It’s been a big week for chess news in the mainstream media with the “Wesley So making notes” saga, Nigalidze’s phone-wrapped-in-toilet-paper scandal and now Nigel Short is being accused ... | Read More

      • schevannes
      • | Apr 22, 2015
    • Learning to play Chess: Caro-Slav structure

      In an effort to actually get better I have started to learn about pawn structures starting with the Caro-Slav. Starting to study these has been eye-opening by showing just how clueless I am about chess. But I suppose that is natural for everyone s... | Read More

    • Staff Profiles: DeepGreene

      This is the first in a series of posts to help people get to know the Chess.com Team a bit better! Today, we catch up with Michael Greene, aka "DeepGreene," whose username is clearly meant to be ironic... Where do you live?I live in beautif... | Read More

      • webmaster
      • | Apr 21, 2015
    • Benefit concert

      Anyone who wants to take a break from chess Sunday April 26th ,please come out and support this great cause!Watch the video for the details!Mike   https://youtu.be/2ICox8NUh9g | Read More

      • micaman994
      • | Apr 20, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • ACC April 2015

      Since CMU is in the midst of a four-day break, I thought it a good time to visit the Akron Chess Club's monthly tournament. Amusingly, the 18-player Open section (which included 4 masters and the rest split between experts/class A players) was con... | Read More

    • My Instructive Failures #1: Karpov Counters b5 (Queen's Gambit Declined)

      Learning the Exchange Queen's Gambit Declined was an Aha! moment for me. I first read about the opening in John Shaw's "Starting Out: The Queen's Gambit." In his introduction, Shaw bemoans White having to wonder which of all the different variatio... | Read More

      • jdcannon
      • | Apr 18, 2015
    • Playing the Sicilian Accelerated Dragon

      Hello Chess Fans, Black's strongest WEAPON against 1.e4 is the Sicilian Defense 1...c4, which uses a flank pawn to attack the center squares.  Although there are several variations of the Sicilian Defense, today we will specifically be reviewin... | Read More

    • First over-the-board game!

      As I told you a few days ago, I've joined a Chess Club and I was going to play my first official on-the-board game. The tournament is the XXVII Internacional Vila de Sant Boi. As an starting player in the Catalan Federation I start with a 1700 ra... | Read More

      • sharcashmo
      • | Apr 18, 2015
    • So What?

      For the past week, the chess world has been abuzz with reports of GM Wesley So's involuntary forfeit at the recent US Chess Championships. For the non-chess readers of my blog, the short version of the story basically goes like this: So, the numbe... | Read More

      • smurfo
      • | Apr 18, 2015
    • Cars and chess

      Cars and chess players sometime don't make very good mates.  Here are a few items about cars, car accidents, and chess players.     In 1901, Johannes von Minckwitz (1843-1901) committed suicide by stepping in front of a street car near Biebr... | Read More

      • billwall
      • | Apr 18, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • 5 Ways to Focus and Achieve Your Goals

      Just wanted to share some tips on goal setting and achieving your goals. 5 Ways to Focus and Achieve Your Goals: Write down your goal/goals and review them frequently. Immerse your mind, thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions in the process. ... | Read More

      • GelidMind
      • | Apr 17, 2015
    • Melik and Me: Special Episode - 4/16/14

      Today “Melik and Me” played out more like a late night talk show than the usual patzer/master instructional combo we've grown accustomed to. Our three favorite co-hosts teamed up in Melik's absence to throw a chess party (or ice cream ... | Read More

      • jdcannon
      • | Apr 16, 2015