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    • Patriotism

      In the recent World Cup match India have lost the semifinal match with Australia. Poor sentiment of keeping the winning squad, negative approach and many more reasons for the lost. Winning or losing is part of the game ! When winning the matche... | Read More

      • Yogi4chess
      • | Mar 30, 2015
    • My Biggest Heartbreak to Date

      Slow Chess League Grand Opening Swiss Round 3 Rating Range: 1400 - 1650 Time Control: 45|45 | Read More

      • chester6
      • | Mar 29, 2015
    • Chess Club Blitz

      Today I visited the local chess club in Fayetteville, Arkansas.  The club meets at 1 p.m. every Sunday afternoon at the Atlanta Bread Company.  I played three blitz games with a gentleman named Richard (pictured in the cover photo on the left, b... | Read More

      • pawpatrol
      • | Mar 29, 2015
    • How To Survive Being Eaten By A Whale

      Oh, those pesky whales. It seems us land mammals can’t swim more than three feet in the ocean without encountering one of these giant, gentle beasts. With such an overpopulation of whales these days, it’s no wonder marine biologists frequent... | Read More

    • Sometimes you need a break - sometimes to make a break

      I dropped over 30 groups yesterday.  I left numerous admin positions. I severed some relationships. Not to be vindictive or to cause problems, but to try and regain a clear mind, and avoid any more damage. I had a health issue a couple of weeks... | Read More

    • Frank Marshall the Legend-3

      The last line I am going to talk about which Frank Marshall created is known as: Marshall Attack/Gambit This line is played with the black pieces. Rating Scale: 500-2700 The Above Diagram is the Starting Position of the Marshall Attack. I... | Read More

    • The windup toy

      There was an eerie sight when the windup toy decided to do whatever it wanted. It went for a jog. It wound its own windup knob and headed on out. It was comprised of an robot head with lacquer and blue eyes. It really wasn't afraid of much. When ... | Read More

    • Frank Marshall the Legend-2

            Frank James Marshall  (August 10, 1877 - November 9, 1944) In my previous blog about Frank Marshall. I wanted to give a very brief intro on some of his achievements and showed one of his most Notable games ever played with some ba... | Read More

    • Deeper Blue, The Rematch, Game 6

      Game 6, the rematch of the Deep Blue vs Kasparov, one year after their prior match that ended in a tie, after 5 games. This was the tie breaker, one game, winner take all, played in New York City on May 11, 1997. http://youtu.be/BOOJcwpkqHI | Read More

    • Loyal *coughs*

      So yeah my ex left me a few days ago :7 we kissed, i hold his hands when we go out x)......but at school i saw him kissing his ex-girlfriend :'(. Still i can not forget about him :( *Heartbreaks* | Read More

      • Sophiexxx
      • | Mar 25, 2015
    • King Hunters Group Blog and Info

      Anyone here can post opinions about king hunters, or information they want to share about what is happening inside currently. King Hunters History: I made a group called 'the power of chess 2' when I was little, and I had no idea how to run a gr... | Read More

      • logozar
      • | Mar 24, 2015
    • The big pawn breakthrough

      Another game of mine. As usual, nothing particularly great, but I really liked the pawn ending. | Read More

    • Frank Marshall the Legend

      Background Theme Song Music: To get you in the right mindset when reading the article. I have always been captivated by a man who changed the nature of chess. He never became a World Champion and yet his influence on chess has been felt thr... | Read More

    • Playing Against the Owen's Defense

        Hello Chess Fans, Today we will continue with Black's Surprise Defenses against White's 1.e4 opening.  The Owen's Defense 1...b6 is affectionately known as the Passive Panzy but let me tell you there's nothing passive about this Dynamic Hy... | Read More

    • Confessions of a Chess Addict: I'm not a donkey!

      After my last post, I decided to play more turn based games instead of the live chess games that I adore so much.  I thought that this would help me slow down, take my time, and really assess the moves that I make.   Boy, was I wrong. ... | Read More

    • The Pawn Stars

      I sincerely apologise to my regular readers(if any) for the delay in posting a report on the latest happenings in my chess class. This post comes at the end of two lessons, both of which were devoted to teaching the Max Lange Attack.  Since the ... | Read More

      • aayush1998
      • | Mar 21, 2015
    • Playing Against the Alekhine Defense - Part 1: The Exchange Variation

      Hello Chess Fans, Today we will look at a Hypermodern Defense that was developed in the 1920s when a group of players known as the  Hypermodernists suggested that it wasn't necessary to occupy the center with pawns but instead to develop your ... | Read More


                         It is very clear that our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob want all peoples and nations to worship Him.  The One and only one true and living God wants us to follow His commandments.  He is a jealous God who... | Read More

      • armhow
      • | Mar 18, 2015
    • A decent game after several disappointing ones today

      Here's the only decent game I played today.   It's in the ICC 15-minute pool.  After creeping towards 1700 I had two games in a row where the interface cost me both games. After having a break I decided to try to play one decent game, one last... | Read More

    • Throw it on the pile.

      A very demoralizing loss at club tonight - my opponent handed me a couple of free pawns and then offered trade after trade. So I thought I was home free! Well, I managed to get down to just pawns and rooks, but then I completely lost the... | Read More

      • scsiduck
      • | Mar 16, 2015