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      Ny_Jn is a culprit. He uses Java Script to stall my time and win on time. Itried to remove him from friend-list. I am unable to do it. I want him to be removced from my friend-list. Can administration help me to remove from friend-list? ist2000in | Read More

      • ist2000in
      • | Sep 2, 2015

      in Game no 1262757058, eduardo177 cheated me by sending messages on virus to swallow up my time, so that he won on time, though I was in winning position. Admin to take action against the cheater please. Sam Tilak- ist2000in | Read More

      • ist2000in
      • | Aug 28, 2015
    • Cheating

      Cheating Player mag3 cheated me by swallowing up my time and won against me, though I was winning position in game no 1262196224. Please take action against him | Read More

      • ist2000in
      • | Aug 28, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • Perpetual check is cowardly?

      No, it is not ratman11581. It's a rule of chess. How interesting when the person claiming perpetual check is cowardly is the one who in a winning position allows one to occur. It seems to me like he doesn't understand the game, or his position. Ev... | Read More

      • jaekae
      • | Aug 19, 2015
    • The future of chess960 in the hands of chess518players

      Acceptance of the other 959 Schnargls is perhaps so far away that it'll never happen. I mean, I think climate change will turn the globe to dust before chessplayers will give up their 518-specific openings manuals. Nevertheless, scient... | Read More

    • Senmaida

      Let's add Senmaida to the list of people who can't handle losing. Beat him four times in a row and he runs off crying about cheating and/or sandbagging, and refuses to listen to the obvious refutations of his pointless accusations. Incredibly undi... | Read More

    • I don't think Black was cheating

      Starting with 13...e6, Black agreed with Stockfish every time, but I don't think Black was cheating because the moves were forced or easy. Considering Black's unusual and weak play around move 7, it feels like a case where one side's ini... | Read More

    • How to Cheat at Chess

      Cheating in chess is widely deemed to be the greatest threat to the future of chess. Many amateurs and even many professionals regularly state that cheating is rampant. Accusations pervade every level of chess from the lowest levels of online ches... | Read More

      • SamCopeland
      • | Jul 28, 2015
    • Just A Romantic Story

                      Prashant recline on the bed. Isitha lying next to him. There is only six inch distance between them. But what’s the use? He could not reach her. This is happening since year. Since year, he has been on starvation. Prasha... | Read More

      • K_Hitesh
      • | Jul 26, 2015
    • CHESS.COM/TV Basic Rules & Guidelines for Participants

      Hello, Chess.com/TV Fans! For convenience sake, here you will find basic rules and guidelines for Chess.com/TV. For more in-depth info, look to the “Constitution” News post in the Chess.com/TV Group, And for MUCH more in-depth info on Chess.c... | Read More

    • Cheating accusation

      I think that I played a good game against a guy named onurbruno. It was a slow time control (45/45) and my oponent was rated 150 higher than me. The game was interesting, I am down a exchange but I try to compensate with an attack: When my oppo... | Read More

      • Pablo-L
      • | Jul 9, 2015
    • Raising Awareness of time control manipulations by members of the chess.com site:

      Good day to all. I have a mind to tell everyone here who may not seem to know me that well is that one thing and I am as a chess playing member of this site (and I am going to make it known as clearly and specifically as I possibly can) is that I ... | Read More

    • is chess sports for gentlemen?

      this is chat log of my game --------------------------------- NEW GAME (1205535149) - superpikachu vs. JustAPlayer43 (3 0 rated) (win: 6, draw: -2, loss: -10)JustAPlayer43: cheating man?JustAPlayer43: your time goes slooooooooooooooooooowwww www... | Read More

    • Black's early queen swap against the Bronstein Gambit

      I never consulted a book about the 1. d4 Nf6 2. g4 gambit. Its ideas are easy to see — get the center early, and the g-file late — so when an FM opponent played 5...e5 in an early trial, I sorta freaked. "Uh oh," I thought, "... | Read More

    • Starting Out

      I'm not sure if anyone will ever read this, but I figure it's high time I put some of my writing ability to work and start chronically my journey through chess.   A little about me first though.  I learned how to play chess at the most basic st... | Read More

      • sarkhon
      • | Jun 30, 2015
    • Chess Engines: A personal look (part 1)

      So guys, It's been ages since I've written some chess related content and I've kind of missed it.  In all my busyness and travel (I'm now living in China again) I've missed putting my chess thoughts, ideas and experiences down in writing as we... | Read More

    • Daily Chess (i.e. Correspondence)

      Applied Study Correspondence ChessResearch is a central pleasure of correspondence chess. Using opening books, databases, and both print and electronic versions of Chess Informant elevates my play in the short run and expands my over the boar... | Read More

      • Ziryab
      • | Jun 16, 2015
    • Chess, Cheating, and Callousness

      The European Women’s Chess Championship recently concluded in the Georgian (Slavic) city of Chakvi. Ukrainian Grandmaster Natalia Zukhova emerged victorious, but that victory was overshadowed by questions and accusations of cheating directed ... | Read More

    • How to Find a True Friend

      in the name of God True friendship is one of the deepest relationships you can have with another person. A true friend is there for you through thick and thin - they'll laugh with you, they'll cry with you, they'll bail you out of jail if neces... | Read More

      • mmmmmmmkh
      • | Jun 8, 2015
    • My problem when using chess mentor. please give me a guidance...

      Hi? My rating in chess mentor is far ahead than my other ratings. So I was wondering if I am using the chess mentor the way it should be used by chess players at all. When my rating was around 1600, I used the 'correct square' button a lot if I c... | Read More