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    • how to point out cheating players manipulating their grade score and just after you loose to them th

      how to point out cheating players manipulating their grade score and just after you loose to them their ponts suddenly jump 100 points or more ?... HELLO CHESS>COM?! | Read More

    • Challenge Magnus Carlsen on Chess.com

      PRESS RELEASE -- Chess.com LLC has partnered with World Champion GM Magnus Carlsen and his company Play Magnus, who have created the app of the same namesake. Below you'll read about this exclusive opportunity to challenge Carlsen live. B... | Read More

    • Chess Code of Chivalry

        “The motto of chivalry is also the motto of wisdom; to serve all, but love only one.”  -Honore de Balzac “There is another side to chivalry.  If it dispenses leniency, it may with equal justification invoke control.” - Freda Adler ... | Read More

    • Millionaire Chess, Jon Collins

      The Millionaire Chess Tournament (http://millionairechess.com/) is over!   Over 500 participants from more than 40 countries across the world joined up in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas, to play chess for a total prize purse of $1 million. It is t... | Read More

      • tsunamijon
      • | Oct 11, 2014
      • | 1 comment
    • Posting a 'disclaimer' here regarding fair play (live-chess)

      Hi all. I've been playing here for a few months now, & overall have enjoyed the experience thus far, minus the technical issues with the live-chess servers & other odd 'glitches'. Aside from these things though which are more or less outs... | Read More

      • KB24_GOAT
      • | Oct 8, 2014
    • An Interview with Dr. Ken Regan, IM and Anti-Cheating Expert

      Dr. and IM Ken Regan was kind enough to sit down with me over the summer for an interview. We discussed his research and perspectives as they relate to topics such as computers, cheating, and performance in chess. Unfortunately, due to a hectic mo... | Read More

    • Manners (When it comes to playing chess).

      Hello all, I have noticed that more often than not people on this site do not know what manners are when playing chess. So, I have decided to help people in this matter by giving them some simple rules to follow. Rule #1 During the game do not i... | Read More

      • Beefstick
      • | Sep 24, 2014
    • Online Chess

      Online Chess Playing chess online fast tracks your all-round development In this Internet age where knowledge about anything and everything can be gathered at the click of a mouse, playing chess online is one of the best options/sources availab... | Read More

      • munnu_jain
      • | Sep 8, 2014
    • Taking notes = cheating?

      I just finished my first longer-than-30-minutes live game here on the site. As I usually do with my long games on the computer, I documented my thought process while I played. It occurred to me afterwards that this could be considered foul play. I... | Read More

      • Nietsoj
      • | Aug 20, 2014
    • Cheats and program users

      Hello and welcome to my blog. I'm here to give you names on suspect cheater's that are program users and haven't been caught yet. Also know, these players once they are caught, they make new accounts.  I'm here to expose these suspect hackers an... | Read More

    • How do you experience live chess?

      Pretty much anyone who plays live chess has played an extensive session i.e. several hours of non-stop speed chess. I would love to hear how you experience these sessions. For me, they are pure agony. For some reason, playing chess on the internet... | Read More

      • Bab3s
      • | Aug 6, 2014
    • Hackers making new accounts

      It's sad to say but Chess.com has not done enough to get rid of hackers. Sure they get caught and banned , but that does not stop them from making another account, for example like Pantani_71. I remember him with another account. The guy got caugh... | Read More

      • GM_Cheeter
      • | Aug 5, 2014
      • | 1 comment
    • cheating

      cheating :a lot of the players are doing just that? they are making the cumputer lose the game broad go away,and when it come back i hav lose time, why play if u r going to cheat. why don't chess .com do sowething abouy it. | Read More

      • andree510
      • | Aug 2, 2014
      • | 1 comment
    • Accused of cheating.

      I had a player accuse me of cheating by using a chess engine.  I'm not rated high enough for this to even make sense lol :).  Anyway the point is that I didn't cheat and they said that they reported me.  How do I make sure that I don't get bann... | Read More

    • Cheaters

      I understand thata  chess player's Online Chess ratings will almost always be a lot higher than Live ratings.This is beacuse there is a lot more time to contemplate our decision and there is very little pressure. I have never accused any players... | Read More


      three days before a strange thing happened suddenly my account was closed i havent done it so it was chess.com staff who has closed my account but the question that arises in my mind why??  I was very disturbed i look for the reason have they... | Read More

      • himgouree
      • | Jun 29, 2014
    • Chess Olympiad Trivia

      The first world team competition (called the Chess Olympic Games or Tournament of Nations) took place in Paris, France in July, 1924 to coincide with the 8th Summer Olympic Games. There were 55 players (one player later withdrew) from 18 countries... | Read More

      • billwall
      • | Jun 15, 2014
    • Why the Caro Kann is perfection in Black

      New players have a lot of things to learn when they come to chess in their early days of playing. I recall the 'fights' over "cheating" with enpassant pawns and 'ah-idiot; you castled the "wrong" way, thats the Queens' side'... With so many thing... | Read More

      • crok
      • | Jun 10, 2014
    • BEWARE payueck

      BEWARE payueck he is CHEATING PROGRAM PLAYING A$$HOLE | Read More

      • a1010b1011
      • | May 30, 2014
    • FIDE ban phones from chess venues

      The latest changes to the official FIDE laws of chess have taken the hard-line of banning mobile phones from playing venues completely. This will apply to all FIDE rated events, although there is dispensation for individual tournaments to specify... | Read More

      • SonofPearl
      • | May 28, 2014