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    • The Game of the Century

      Bobby Fischer @ 13 The Game of the Century https://youtu.be/G5u8i48W1bM | Read More

    • Beware the chess.com bottom feeder: jpeaceman

      It was a pretty good weekend for some chess, or so I thought.  Well, who am I kidding, it's always a good day for chess!  I noticed I had a few people on my friends list that were online at the time I logged on to chess.com.  Well, let's hit '... | Read More

    • Bobby Fischer queen sacrifice ("La partida del Siglo" - variacion)

      "The Chess Game of the CEntury" may have been won by White as demonstrated below: La partida (del Siglo) se pudo haber decidido en menos de un movimiento (como demuestro en la variacion del movimiento 18) a favor de las blancas. | Read More

    • Bobby Fischer Video Series

      BK Academy of Chess presents the game of Bobby Fischer in a nine part video series which includes traps, sacrifices, questions to test your tactics, and much more. It even includes one of my games... Bobby shows us how to play the King's Gambit wi... | Read More

    • The Game of the Century, Bobby Fischer at 13

      Fischer at the age of 13 pounces on his opponent with -One of the most powerful moves of all time- according to Jonathan Rowson.   Hans Kmoch called it -The Game of the Century ...  a stunning masterpiece of combination play.    | Read More

    • A new look ... at a classic game. (GOC)

      Perhaps one of the greatest chess games of all time would have to be the classic (and well-known) game of:IM Donanld Byne - NM Robert J. Fischer;  ("The Game of The Century.") The Rosenwald Championship Tournament;New York City, NY/USA; 1956.  ... | Read More

    • Group Lesson

      Game of the Century! | Read More

      • Chess4Him
      • | Apr 24, 2014
    • 5 chess game best of three zuccotti park

      t’s six in the morning in Zucotti Park. Quiet hours started at eleven, but that isn’t stopping the kid behind me from singing and playing Bob Dylan’s greatest hits on his guitar. I politely tolerate it until he starts to play “Rainy Day Wo... | Read More

    • The Game of the Century

      Data from Chessgames.com | Read More

      • iagocg
      • | Feb 24, 2014
    • The Ultimate Queen Sac

      This game was 15 minutes with no move sec. increments.  My opponent ran low on time, as he only had 1.7 seconds after he made his last move.  I had about 4:27 or so on my clock.  This game was very amazing though.  I had to share it with you ... | Read More

      • makhnoukh
      • | Jan 10, 2014
    • Do we have a limit?

      "I know people who have all the will in the world, but still can't play good chess."- Bobby Fischer "Nowadays, when you're not a grandmaster at 14, you can forget about it."-Viswanathan Anand "I started by just sitting by the chessboard explorin... | Read More

      • Basrohs
      • | Dec 19, 2013
    • The Game of The Century

      | Read More

    • A Talk to Remember Coach Donald Byrne

      Donald Byrne is best known for losing The Game of the Century in the 1956 Rosenwald tournament to Bobby Fischer. This is great because it ensures him a type of immortality. It's also not so great since Donald Byrne was one of the great chess perso... | Read More

      • danheisman
      • | Apr 12, 2013
    • Game of the Century - Bobby Fischer vs Donald Byrne

      | Read More

      • geracarp75
      • | Apr 10, 2013
      • | 1 comment
    • Robert "James" Fischer Biography

      Years covered: 1953 to 1992Last FIDE rating: 2780Highest rating achieved in database: 2785Overall record: +417 -85 =246 (72.2%)*   * Overall winning percentage = (wins+draws/2) / total games      Based on games in the database; may be... | Read More

      • Luidefunes
      • | Dec 20, 2012
    • Bobby Fischer - The Game of the Century

      | Read More

      • BecomeanIM
      • | Nov 26, 2012
    • The Hustler Gets Byrned

      I just posted a story about playing a hustler on Rittenhouse Square (http://www.chess.com/article/view/my-game-against-the-hustler) but that reminded me of a story my college coach, Donald Byrne, told me. Since I consider it an obligation to not l... | Read More

      • danheisman
      • | Oct 17, 2012
    • Fischer's "Game of the Century"

      What characterizes all of the Master-class games that I have covered thus far is the opposite of why I started with the Fool's Mate: the brilliance that lay behind the necessary moves to successfully counter and defeat a completely solid attack or... | Read More

      • NewPlato
      • | Sep 18, 2012
      • | 1 comment
    • The Game of the Century: Fischer-Byrne

      Today, I`ll show you a small blog on "The Game of the Century". The players in the game were Fischer and Donald Byrne. Fischer was young at the time. Here is the link on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M624T3PTggU Thx for viewing! | Read More

    • Two Thirds IM-Taking on the Super GM

      I recently played in the 2012 Chicago Open… AWESOME!  There were so many people that are part of the Chess.com team there… there are not many people better than Chess.com people.  It was great to see a lot of my friends there! The tournamen... | Read More