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    • Daily Live Chess Digest - 2014/04/11

      Welcome to this Blog post :-) I upload 3 videos of blitz chess games every day, free on Youtube to watch. Once in a while I also add a rapid game (15 Min per player), all with live comments of course. Battling the London System as black:  ... | Read More

    • On the opening lines - 1400-200 Training Diary

      So after my last tournament results, I was pretty happy but I have noticed some areas to improve on.  There were a few areas in the opening in my draw, and the loss where I was grasping for the correct ideas.  In the loss, this proved fatal, and... | Read More

      • jminkler
      • | Mar 12, 2014
    • The New Play Against Kings Gambit!

                        Now, I know what you are all thinking:     now! I found a move that actually works!       Now, after hxg6, White actually has 3 main moves: First, the mainline of Qg4:     You may also ... | Read More

      • lollers
      • | Mar 6, 2014
    • Feb paper text only

      Gambiteers gazette   Issue 1, February 2014 Welcome gambiteers Hello to all Gambiteers, and welcome to The Gambit Players (TGP). TGP is a place to Unite, Explore, Learn, Progress, and Educate. • We Unite by getting together on forums, match... | Read More

    • feb test

      Gambiteers gazette   Issue 1, February 2014 Welcome gambiteers Hello to all Gambiteers, and welcome to The Gambit Players (TGP). TGP is a place to Unite, Explore, Learn, Progress, and Educate. • We Unite by getting together on forums, match... | Read More

    • My Chess Personality - Romantic!

      Took chess.com's Chess Personality Test at www.ChessPersonality.com My Results: I am a Romantic: Romantics are full of good ideas. These ideas might be either positional or attacking, but they are always unusual and unique. The Romantic doesn'... | Read More

      • jminkler
      • | Feb 12, 2014
      • | 1 comment
    • The best annotated kings gambit game-a win in 20 moves

      Hi all. This was my latest game. My opponent played an inferior line in the opening and i think i played well. I have heavily annotated the game for beginners to easily understand.Hope you enjoy. Hope you get the best out of this.All comments... | Read More

    • Chess in Black and White Issue 11 "Round 2, G/75"

      This was my round 2 game, a french defense. I included my thoughts and lines I considered during the game Tomorrow I will post round 3, an exciting Kings gambit game. Thanks for reading! Comments and suggestions would be great! | Read More

    • Follow Up On Kings Gambit

      If you read my earlier blog I have challenged various good players to a test of the Kings Gambit.  This is a 9 game test and it is "Centaur Chess" Centaur Chess is simply correspodence chess where chess engines are allowed and encouraged.It coul... | Read More

      • ponz111
      • | Jan 26, 2014
    • Chess in Black and White Issue 8 "Study"

      I have recently thought about how best to improve my play, and concluded that the solution is to play yes. I have decided I need to study chess in order to play better. These are my plans for the year, both rating and study wise.   Tactics Rig... | Read More

    • The Best Opening for Beginners?

      Many people seeking to improve their chess games have the same questions: What opening system should I be studying? Which attack or defence is the best one for an inexperienced player?  While there are many good opening systems that pack surprise... | Read More


      I am, age 72 and senile, but used to be a very good correspondence player.   I am making a challenge on Chess.com.  I want to take the Black side of the Kings Gambit against very good players with very good chess engines.  These would be unra... | Read More

      • ponz111
      • | Dec 26, 2013
    • The World of Chess Blog 1

      The world of chess is a Magazine that comes out every month 1 a month or less. The first games is about openings What do you think of the Kings Gambit is it good or is it risky. Lets find out with one of my games What do you think please comment... | Read More

      • gluestix
      • | Dec 7, 2013
    • Modern Chess Opening- The King's Gambit.

      there are 4 ways: 1. accept and defend 2. accept and pass. 3. declinar 4. ofrcer un contragambito :O 1. the kings gambit accepted and defended wih g5. | Read More

      • eaglejorge
      • | Oct 29, 2013
    • Kings gambit accepted bishops gambit variation

      Recently, I have been playing the king's gambit exclusively as white. The gambit starts out with e4 e5 f4. Normally Black accepts the gambit and plays exf4. I play a very aggresive move Bc4! This is called the bishops gambit derived from the kings... | Read More

    • What to do when........

      HEY chessplayers and lovers. What would you do if someone play's the kings gambit? Now if your opponent tooks on e5 he/she will be in trouble!!! What would you do if someone play's the Queen's gambit? Haha that was easy!!! What would you do... | Read More

    • Coolest KG Games Ever!!!

      Hey everyone!!! The Kings Gambit is my favourite opening, and I got to experience a load of fun games with it... Here are my favourite games - in the Kings Gamit! #3 - My game. It was my first game that I officially played with this opening! ... | Read More

      • scfcc_5
      • | May 18, 2013
    • Kings Gambit, analysis

          | Read More

    • Kings Gambit

      | Read More

    • KIMPLODES: King Safety--Part II of IX; A Way to Analyze Games

      K - King safety; always a good place to start--he who is mated last, wins first. Huh? Oh, okay, that makes sense...beat the other guy to the punch and bloody up his King, IF it can be done. Otherwise, find something else to do! There are ways to w... | Read More

      • kcsmith169
      • | Dec 21, 2012
      • | 1 comment