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    • Rainy day

      This blog is my first blog in English and is not even related with chess. It's funny how I like rainy weather but hate being sad. I feel happy when I see dark clouds and hear raindrops on my window. But not today. Not yesterday. Sorry, sometimes I... | Read More

      • DVL_1
      • | Mar 2, 2015
    • For my homie...

      This song is for galaxychess123.... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xPU8OAjjS4k If not for me then you'de be dead..... | Read More

    • Increasing Opponents Scope

      Okay, I am going to start blogging more.  First I would have a greater benefit if my analysis was comprehensive from beginning to the end; and I may attempt that later, but more now here are 4 points that jump on one position in the game. . Next,... | Read More

      • Romans920
      • | Mar 2, 2015
    • Learning to Play Chess: Weekly Analysis #1

      One of the big concepts I have been encountering is the topic of match analysis and how it helps to improve your game. I thought it would be a good idea to post once a week 1-2 games I have analyzed, and then talk about what I learned from the gam... | Read More

    • MOBY CHESS Šachmatų Kultūros Universitetas

      Būkit Pasveikinti - Lauke jau Pavasaris - PRIMAVERA , kaip sako mūsų broliai (Kristuje)- italai. Kas myli Italiją ,tas neabejingas ir GROŽIUI , o grožis- pati didžiausia pasaulio jėga (ypač ,jei jis sujungtas su NUOŽMIU RACIONALUMU)- t... | Read More

      • mobidi
      • | Feb 28, 2015

      THE MAIN REASON IS BCUZ OF ONE DIRECTION   1. School is like a prison.I hate school. I love home. When I'm at school, I feel sleepy. The people are boring. I hate all of the subjects but I only love Math.I think Math is the best subject evurrrr... | Read More

    • Best groups to join for your chess improvement

      No matter how much you study chess, you wil not reach your goals of improvement unless you get out and play. The following groups fill this need, and two of them provide proven and free coaching resources from myself and NM Dan Heisman, one of Ame... | Read More

      • aww-rats
      • | Feb 28, 2015
    • The End of the Internet as We Know It - Part 2

      ============================================================ ============================================================ ============================================================ FIVE PEOPLE...                   THE ALL-KNO... | Read More

      • kboyer309
      • | Feb 27, 2015
    • 21 Christians slaughtered

         I observed a YouTube video of the beheading of those 21 innocent Christian men. These 21 individuals were simply going to work to provide for their familys. They were not hostages, but captives, captives that were needlessly put to death by ... | Read More

      • daviske100
      • | Feb 27, 2015
    • Why Having Divorced Parents and a Deadbeat DadSucks

      Ever remember being able to have parent input on two subjects? Like, when you know that one parent might be stricter on one thing then you strategicall yapproach the other to get the response you want? Gone. That is just a minuscule reason why hav... | Read More

    • February 20: Ukraine's example shows well that the position of halting nuclear power is not justifie

      This is Ukraine today – February 20: Ukraine's example shows well that the position of halting nuclear power is not justified – the former General Director of NATO, George Robertsonin February 20 – 2 Ukrainian military were killed and 3 woun... | Read More

      • Osokor
      • | Feb 24, 2015
    • Livestreaming "Titled Tuesday" Tournament Today at 2pm EST!

      (Alliteration in the blog title! Woohoo! ) Now that "Titled Tuesday" has a bigger prize pool this month, I feel that people are going to have even more reasons to be interested in watching it and seeing the thoughts and viewpoints of the titl... | Read More

    • Must Know Traps Against the Caro-Kann Defense - Part 2

      In my first article on the Caro-Kann Defense, I explained the basic tactics of defending against this opening as white.  In this article we will focus on The Tricks & Traps that are often found and executed ...if you know what to look for.... | Read More

    • A fraction of a second

            More travails of a (wanna-be) improving chess player... ANYONE HAVE AN ELEPHANT GUN?   Sometimes in sports contests, the difference between a win and loss can come down to the merest fraction of a second. With the clock running... | Read More

      • RandomJeff
      • | Feb 23, 2015
    • Faber Pugna - Ezfuerzo y Dignidad - La Fuerza Que Brota En Tu Interior

      Publicado el 1 de jun. de 2013 Video de FABER PUGNA dedicado a la escuela de Boxeo "LA FÁBRIKA DE VALLEKAS".LA FÁBRIKA es un espacio dedicado a la formación y difusión de deportes de contacto donde se da cita una gran familia de jóvenes c... | Read More

      • Jaketxelo
      • | Feb 22, 2015
    • Learning to Play Chess: First USCF Rated Event

      This weekend I was able to compete in my first ever USCF Rated Event. It was called the Quad 45, and was 3 rounds of 45/5 games. I was excited to see what competitive chess was all about, and it was fun to get to play in a serious environment. My... | Read More

    • Yau Gurú - Tiempo Atrás -Rey del Sol y La Luna

       Publicado el 4 de ago. de 2014 Con los Pies en La Tierra y la Mente Voladora. https://yauguru.ba ndcamp.com/releasesAquí tenéis la canción que grabamos para el disco de Tus Pies En la Tierra junto con Dete y Littlereggaeman. Compartid... | Read More

      • Jaketxelo
      • | Feb 22, 2015
    • Nuevo Album de La Banda En Jake "Marca España"

      Publicado el 11 de nov. de 2014 Descarga el disco gratis aquí: https://mega.co.nz/#!eYwl0ABb!2sG-s6e...Mierda: 00:00La Bala: 03:28Cachorros: 05:56Marca España: 09:02Manos Arriba: 12:42La Mina: 15:37Camarada: 19:30Con el amor basta: ... | Read More

      • Jaketxelo
      • | Feb 21, 2015
    • MOBY CHESS Šachmatų Kultūros Universitetas

      Labas Rytas , brangūs draugai , Kolegos . Šiandien panagrinėsime truputį 'tamsesnę' temą - MENĄ , juk ŠACHMATAI-MENAS (ne sportas ir ne mokslas). Menas turi DVI PUSES , kaip tas dviveidis DIEVAS -JANUSAS (JANAS)- pradžia ir pabaiga, balt... | Read More

      • mobidi
      • | Feb 21, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • Rensch Quenches Our Thirst for Chess Entertainment!!

      [Blog History]      Chess.com/TV has come a long way over the past several years. From airing only one or two shows per week, the programming is regular and full, averaging 1-2 shows per day, with the occasional 4 shows in one day! Programm... | Read More