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    • Homecoming Chapter 2

           Since I go to a college prepratory school we have a "prep pride day" where we celebrate the pride we have for our school. That day usually falls on homecoming day. So, since on most days I don't get a ride home until 5:30 I hung out with ... | Read More

    • Requiem for a girl's dream

      Recently I listened to this killer song 'Settle Down' by Kimbra. Apart from its mesmerizing music and catchy rhythm, something else grabbed my attention which is nothing but the music video! It seems to be innocent and spontaneous at first. But wh... | Read More

    • ویگن - سوگند

          ویگن - سوگند بر تو آن خاطره آسوده سوگند بر تو ای چشم گنه آلوده سوگند بر آن لبخند جادویی بر آن سیمای روشن که از چشم تو افتاده آتش ب... | Read More

      • Kiarash_T
      • | Oct 4, 2015
    • Rook vs Knight Endgames

      Hello Chess Fans, A King & Knight vs a King & Rook Endgame is a theoretical draw; however there are several RULES you need to know to maintain the draw if you're playing with the knight: 1. Keep the king and knight close together.  I... | Read More

    • Catching Up – A Season in a Post

      Hi everyone, check out my original post at www.chesssummit.wordpress.com! As some of you already know, I'm repurposing my blog from breaking 2000 (which I successfully completed last November) to documenting my journey to the 2016 US Junior Open... | Read More

    • Pawn Breakthroughs 2 - Pawn Levers

          Hello Chess Fans, Welcome back to part 2 of Pawn Breakthrough where today's focus will be on Pawn Levers. A Pawn Breakthrough is defined as advancing a pawn to BREAK OPEN a blocked pawn formation.  Think of the advancing pawn as ... | Read More

    • Pittsbourgh Chess League

      So I went to my first ever chess tournament this last weekend as part of CMU's Team 3. I actually got lucky since I was unrated and wasn't going to play for the team (just play as an alternate against a random player). But two of the 5 rated playe... | Read More

      • MYST_er_Y
      • | Sep 30, 2015
    • Cool Art and Chess Weekend

      First autumn days kind of cut warm and sunny weather here in Zagreb and brought boring rain, northern wind and cold. Nothing to enjoy much. So, opening my and friend's latest photo exxhibition "Hunting The Light - Nature Dreams" seemed to pass unn... | Read More

      • TigiBorg
      • | Sep 30, 2015
    • Pawn Sacrifice - A Movie Review

      The Bobby Fischer biopic Pawn Sacrifice debuted this week in theaters across the United States. The film stars Tobey Maguire as the venerable chess prodigy Bobby Fischer and Liev Schreiber as the pillar of Soviet Cold War chess dominance Boris ... | Read More

    • Missouri State Chess Championship

      After having a very nice tournament in the Kansas City Open, I decided then and there that I wanted to play for the State Champion title, and I came very close to achiving my goal. But alas! I was beaten out by a very talented player by the name o... | Read More

    • Watch "Pawn Sacrifice" soon!

      I watched the movie yesterday, and I would say it ranks up there with "Searching for Bobby Fischer" (if you haven't watched that one yet, stop reading this and watch it!!)   While "Pawn Sacrifice" was by no means a perfect movie, it was thoroug... | Read More

      • linlaoda
      • | Sep 28, 2015
    • The Lothian Allegro (photo's)

      Hi chess friends hope live is good, went along to day two of the Allegro as could not get the Saturday off work to play. so just wandered around The Westerhailes Education Centre thats in Edinburgh taking some pictures of todays play stopped to wa... | Read More

      • niddrieboy
      • | Sep 28, 2015
    • Banter Blitz #5

      Hi All, Click on the video below to watch me (NM Kanthecarowin) play blitz against a 1980 Chess.com player in the Caro-Kann   Thanks Kanthecarowin Atulya Vaidya Stay tuned for more Banter Blitz! Please comment any problems with the video o... | Read More

    • Pawn Breakthroughs

      Hello Chess Fans,   Passed Pawns are the PAWN STARS of the game.  Creating them and nurturing them, one square at a time while your opponent threatens to capture them is a game unto itself.  Today we'll focus on creating Pas... | Read More

    • Death Match #33 - Nyzhnyk Defeats Molner 17.5-8.5

      UPDATE: Death Match #33 is finished. GM Nyachnyk defeated Gm Molner 17.5-8.5! IM Daniel Rensch announced that the next Death Match will be in December and one of the players is GM Hikaru Nakamura!       Because everyone should know about t... | Read More

      • zealandzen
      • | Sep 25, 2015
    • Pawn Sacrifice... My Ignorance

      The movie Pawn Sacrifice was great, and although there were some inaccuracies I still feel it is the best chess movie I have seen besides The Luzhin Defense. In my previous post I said Pawn Sacrifice was true to chess and the event itself, the 7... | Read More

      • LaCiCaDa
      • | Sep 24, 2015
    • My games #1

      Hi all. This is my first blog post. I'm going to share with you 2 games. Both were played against one opponent. I hope you will find them nice. Enjoy! Thank you for watching. New posts come soon! Please feedback if you liked it!  | Read More

      • justZen
      • | Sep 24, 2015
    • 2 work horsies

      No super fancy Nakamura style checkmate with some 6 knights, but I did enjoy this 2 knights checkmate, with 2 other knights watching. | Read More

      • achja
      • | Sep 23, 2015
    • Advanced Rook Endgames: Techniques You Must Know and Some Just for Fun!

      It has been said (and I agree) that the main difference between non-titled players and titled players is the found in the transition between different parts of the game. There are four different phases of a chess game: The Opening: Piece develop... | Read More

      • CraiggoryC
      • | Sep 23, 2015
    • Bullet Brawl Wednesday - What´s Wrong With This Picture?

      If a picture is worth a thousand words, IM Danny Rensch is just the chess player to speak them. You´ll get a kick out of watching his shows and hearing his commentary. Conversely, you´ĺl kick yourself if you miss them, especially today´s Bulle... | Read More

      • zealandzen
      • | Sep 23, 2015