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Carlsen vs Anand so much like Laxman Rao vs Srinivas

This post assumes a lot of knowledge of Andhra Pradesh's chess scene 8-15 years ago. 

Laxman Rao and Srinivas are quite frequently AP state champions with few national places. They are about 2200-2300 range players who distinctincy remind me of Carlsen vs Anand games.

Laxman Rao likes simplicity, he always trades of the queen, exchange pieces, steal a pawn and take away the whole point from that draw(ish) endgame. His openings are straighforward and strategy simple. Nonetheless his results are great, 6/7 games he manages to win because of his experience, patience and cunning.

Srinivas is a strategic player, he likes technique and depends a lot on his opening preperation. His prides in his preperation and challeges opponents to tackle him in main opening variations.

When playing against either of them I have no fear, the only way one could loose against them is by making a mistake. That's a lot different when playing against JRK. 

Rama Krishna is equally accomplished at state levels but is not known for consistency. Reason he chooses sharp variations, all his openings are gambits, frequently he is exchange or a piece down with little to no compensation. 

Guess who draws more crowds, who gives spectators something to look and argue about, who is feared upon and who eventually with his dynamic style grabbed couple of national titles.

Thus I proclaim Nakamura to be greater entertertainer than these two broads and my money would be on him to eventually topple Carlsen. 

I understand the high levels of WC players but I can't help but relate the style of players to the ones that I knew. 

Update: Wow now Carlsen chose Laxman Rao's line sicilian Qd4! Well just proves my point


  • 17 months ago


    I have faith in you, Nakamura.  Listen not to these harsh critics.

  • 17 months ago


    I think Kramnik or Aronian will be the next challenger and either would be a tough opponent for (presumably) Carlsen, but with Carlsen (presumably) as the favourite.


    Nakamura? Not so much...

  • 17 months ago


    Please put down the crack pipe. Nakamura has to first become the challenger. And then, he would have to face Carlsen, a player that has beaten him like a rag doll and against whom he has never even won a single classical game. LOL

  • 17 months ago


    I counted Anand out. 1...2...3 He is down and sure he can get up but when he does the highest rated chess player in the world is waiting.

  • 17 months ago


    The match isn't over yet, I wouldn't count Anand out. Yes its a longshot, but 2 wins can be made up. All it requires is 2 mistakes from Carlsen. 

  • 17 months ago


    I would be very surprised if anyone ever beats Magnus in the next few WCs, after he becomes champion now. Just no competition. 

  • 17 months ago


    there is a greater chance of Kasparov returning and winning the WC than Nakamura (who has peaked) even making it through the candidates.

  • 17 months ago


    Under classical time controls, Nakamura is +0-7=13 against Carlsen.

    Go ahead and think that he can improve to the point where he realistically challenge Carlsen, but you are betting on something that has not happened yet.

  • 17 months ago


    @calkino you are wrong. nakamura has never beaten him and its well known also.

    @Engineer lol so you think nakamura is comprable to fischer? I beg to differ. sure hes exciting to watch, but he just doesnt get the job done on a high level. I'd be very surprised if he ever becomes world champ.

  • 17 months ago



    a simple search shows that Nakamura has beaten Carlsen 5 times, though none since 2010, whereas Carlsen has beaten Nakamura 12 times and they have drawn 20 times.

  • 17 months ago



    you do realize...that head-to-head matchups fischer vs spassky...

    fischer had never beat spassky prior to world championship 1972.

    Fischer at that point had NEVER beaten spassky. NEVER

  • 17 months ago


    you do realize...that head-to-head matchups nakamura vs carlsen...

    carlsen has won a significant amount of them, or they wither out to draws.

    Nakamura has NEVER beaten carlsen. NEVER

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