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      Hey all!    It's me, your favorite adorable vegetable and  I NEED YOUR HELP! Chess players have always been stigmatized and stereotyped.  Over the last 7 years, I've come to realize that our beautiful sport can be loved by anyone.  I am a... | Read More

    • 2 chess books for sale

      I have "secrets of a russian chessmaster" and "chess b***" for sale.  I don't know anyone who would want this in my local town so I am selling it. Can send to USA  or EU. Message me if interested. | Read More

    • retro blog post revisited

      http://blog.chess.com/veggiegirlie/schachtherapy-ep-5-meet-honey http://blog.chess.com/veggiegirlie/schachtherapy-episode-4-meet-fonix2 http://blog.chess.com/veggiegirlie/schachtherapy-ep-3--meet-deepozzie http://blog.chess.com/veggiegirlie/sch... | Read More


      I posted an event here on chess and it was deleted :(   (such a pity)   For chess players in the Brno CZ area, I am trying to gather a few players for a few friendly matches.     A few friends are meeting up at Falk Cafe around16.00.   ... | Read More

    • for Dio :D

      | Read More

    • Tomorrow is Valentine's Day

      tomorrow is Valentine's day!!!! Don't forget to do something special for the person you find special :D and friends, don't forget my favourite flower is something wild and my favourite colour is pink glass glitter( preferrably on a guitar) hehehe... | Read More

    • YES! hahahah

      in a cafe, listening to peoples conversation. almost had a heart attack hearing about chess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  so i go up to these dudes and are like "oh u play chess"   yah im that dork.  crazy things make me happy :D | Read More

    • One of my favourite songs performed by two of my favourite ppl

      i like zoey deschenel coz the characters she plays reminds me a lot of myself. joseph is my favourite actor since i was a kid (and he speaks french :D) so hearing them sing one of my fav songs for the holidays was nice. serenades are aways great ... | Read More

    • christmas song #2-- for Domain :D

      http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cglLJJ0Czo8 | Read More

    • Christmas song #1--

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