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Isaac the terrible

One day earlier this week, my 18- (almost 19)-month-old son "threw a fit." I think this was at a neighbor's house, or in their backyard. That's how my wife described it to me, because I was at work when it happened. Then, after this, they went to another neighbor's yard, and my son misbehaved there as well.

I've heard tell that the so-called "terrible twos" don't necessarily coincide with a child's being "age 2." The terrible twos are rather a phase that lasts from about 18 months to about 30 months of age--so from when a child is 1 1/2 until 2 1/2.  In the center of that timespan, the child turns 2. Coincidentally, the phase still lasts about one full year.

I've not actually read this anywhere, and I'm sure every child is different. But I think this phenomenon is kind of nice, because it means that the terrible twos start earlier and therefore end earlier.

Of course, this means that my son is going to throw many more fits and snits, and they will get worse and more intense. They have begun. I'm okay with all this, though, because it will put our parenting skills to the test. We're ready, and we'll give him our very best love. In any case, he'll still always be the cutest, handsomest baby--I mean, toddler--of all time.


  • 4 years ago


    Every child is different asyou mentioned.  One child that I was responsible for in daycare was an angel...until his 2nd birthday.  That day he threw the worst tantrum I had ever seen.  

    I also talked you a mom recently who said her kids always had the terrible threes.  She thought she was just lucky until they turned 3.

    The length of the phase varies, too.  Typically though, kids get over it when they start to understand language better and realize that they get what they want by asking nicely instead of screaming.

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