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My son, the king

I am going to brag on my son again. Tonight for dinner, my wife and son and I went to Burger King. My wife got a paper crown for him and placed it on his head.

Yeah, I know it's nothing remarkable or groundbreaking. Millions of parents do the same thing with their children every day. But my son looked adorable with that thing on. He was too cute!

He has hardly any hair, even though he's 18 months old now. For months and months, he was essentially bald; his hair was extremely thin. Now, he's finally starting to get noticeable hair, but it's still really thin. There was something about seeing him with that crown sitting on that mostly bald head, which has a round face with perfectly proportioned features, that I couldn't resist blogging about it.

I didn't take a picture of it, because we didn't bring the digital camera with us. And in the car ride home, he tore his crown (and, amusingly, he tried to put it back on his head like that). So we can't recreate it--at least not yet. For now, this bit of light and joy my son gave me will be stored in my memory.

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