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My son's first chess game

My two-year-old son just played his first chess game. My wife brought up the "Play Against the Computer" feature on Chess.com, and my son asked for help moving pieces.

His first move was 1. e2-e4. After he played this, he shouted, "I did it!" Then the computer replied 1. ... c7-c5. Then he wanted to play 2. d2-d4.

After 2. ... cxd4, he said, "I wanna move ... Bishop!" We convinced him that 3. c2-c3 would be better. The computer played 3. ... dxc3. After that, he insisted on playing 4. f2-f3. After the reply 4. ... cxb2, my wife earnestly lobbied for the move 5. Bxb2, and my son consented. As we celebrated his very first capture, he happily announced, "I took it!"

The next moves were 5. ... Nc6, 6. Nc3 Nf6, 7. Bb5 e5. At this point, my son lost interest in the game. Still, not bad for his first time, eh? Smile


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    @SherlockHolmes94: Ha! I doubt that, but thank you!

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    Very nice!
    wish the good luck for your sun sir, he is a future GM :] 

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