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That's my boy

I have a son. He's 17 months old. He is the most precious, perfect child I have ever seen. I remember thinking that very thought when he was first born, and that I honestly thought that was the objective truth. It wasn't my opinion: he was the cutest baby the world has ever known.

He's my only child so far, so of course I was sitting in the delivery room with my wife as she went through the painless* delivery process, and I was nervous about meeting my son. What would he look like? He sure looked creepy, covered with purple-white slimy mucus, but I was able to look past it and see that he was incredibly cute and handsome. Wow!, I thought. That's my boy!

*Yes, painless. It was a scheduled C-section. Hey, it was painless at the time! According to my wife; honest.

I was riveted to him as the nurses cleaned him up. In the midst of his adorable crying, he sneezed about three times. They were very quick and unbelievably cute. I still smile when I think about those sneezes.

Through the months, he's learned to walk and even run a little bit. He has taken to babbling quite a bit during the past several days. I'm just beginning to understand some words. My wife insists that she heard him almost say "potassium" tonight. It came out something like, "puh-tassum!" I'm comforted that my son may know his vitamins and minerals by heart by the time he's ready for Kindergarten.

He's shown surprising levels of patience and obedience many times. He can often place blocks in color-coordinated crates when prompted, and when he succeeds, we clap to encourage him. Now, he's taken to placing a block in a crate and immediately clapping his hands together, whether or not he placed the block in the correct crate.

I look forward to the days that he and I will spend together. We'll have tons of quality father/son time. We'll go camping together, go to ballgames, eat out. I have aspirations for him to become an Eagle Scout, especially because I never was. I can't wait to teach him everything I know about everything, including chess. Right now, he's really attached to his mom, and always has been. But that's okay, because when he was born, he brought with him an endless supply of joy into this world.


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    @Balachandar: I'm glad you enjoyed my post! I greatly appreciate your comment. While marriage and children are not without challenges, I testify to you that the joy they bring is indescribable. I absolutely agree that 18 years of age is probably too young to enter these realms--and I don't mean to tell you how you should run your life--but I urge you not to write off either of them just yet! Smile

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    I had set my mind to remain a bachelor. Maybe I would change that opinion after reading your heart touching article. Fatherhood is a pleasure. But I'm still too young for that. Smile

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    It's true.  A c-section doesn't hurt while it is happening.  But the staples in your abdomen don't feel so great when the medication wears off!

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