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there are currently 264 211 players online

新中国象棋(new chinese chess)118 030 players online now.

中国象棋(chinese chess)126 214 players online now.

象棋(xiangqi) 19 294 players online now.

棋战江湖(qizhanjianghu) 673 players online now.

totally 264 211 players online now.




  • 18 months ago


    Where is the last screenshot from? Is it a PC game or and Android one? I'd really like ro try it on my notebook.

  • 19 months ago


    QQ chess has only 454 players online now.  Chess is not a popular board game in China.

  • 19 months ago


    All these screenshots are taken from QQ xiangqi.



    Two or three hours after supper everyday,there is more than 400 000 players online.





    I think the xiangqi of qq games maybe is the No.1  board game platform on the planet.

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