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28 Nov
6:30 pm
LVCA Friday Night Blitz Chess, Open-U1200
7 & 9 pm Events, USCF Rated 8 Rd
Local Tournaments
29 Nov
Pymble Saturday Fun Tournament (Nov) 2014
Chess Tournament for children under the age of 18
Local Tournaments
29 Nov
10:00 am
European Amateur Chess Championship Prague 2014
For all European players < 2400
International Tournaments
29 Nov
XVIII. Rozmaring Cukrászda Open
rapid chess tournament 7 rounds
National Tournaments
29 Nov
Beijing Chess Lovers Club - Saturdays Gathering
Regular Gathering since Sept. 2010 in Sanlitun
Local Meetups
29 Nov
1:00 pm
LVCA Open Chess Quads/RBO U1200 Quads
2 Sections, Game 40 minutes,5 sec.-delay
Local Tournaments
29 Nov
1:00 pm
G/55;d5 ADVANCED SECTION $150 to 1st for 3-0 score
Local Tournaments
1 Dec
8:00 pm
Garden State Chess League-LVCA CC @Hamilton CC
GSCL-LVCA v Hamiton at Hamilton, NJ
Local Tournaments
6 Dec
10:00 AM
4th Annual Silver Knights Cup
This is a chess tournament for grades K-8.
Local Tournaments
6 Dec
10 am
McClain Memorial Tournament
The 14th Guthrie McClain Memorial Tournament
Local Tournaments