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20 Oct
Open Tournament BBG 5#
1000 Player required
24 Oct
Deutsche Schach-Amateurmeisterschaft
Qualifikationsturnier Bad Soden
National Tournaments
25 Oct
Pymble Saturday Fun Tournament (Oct) 2014
Chess Tournament for children under the age of 18
Local Tournaments
25 Oct
Sudbury Championship
Strongest Annual Northern Ontario Event!
Local Tournaments
25 Oct
9:30 a.m.
Series of 6 Tournaments (Scholastic & Open)
Local Tournaments
25 Oct
10 am
Capps Memorial Tournament
The 43rd Carroll Capps Memorial Tournament
Local Tournaments
25 Oct
9:00 am
Ozaukee 2014 Fall Seasonal G/30, d5
G/30 d5, Five Rounds, One Day, USCF Dual-rated.
Local Tournaments
25 Oct
1:00 p.m.
Free Chess in West Covina # 7
USCF rated; 3 rds G/25' d5"; quads or hexes.
Local Tournaments
25 Oct
9:30 AM
Quad City Chess Classic
Quad City Chess Classic
Local Tournaments
30 Oct
6:00 pm
G/10 Tournament
Wausau Chess Club
Local Meetups