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Coiled Spring Effect

  • Last updated on 4/13/13, 2:27 PM.

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The coiled spring effect in chess is related to how a players pieces will start out from a fairly compact and/or cramped opening position, and how they will "unwind" the spring and start attacking with the dynamic energy pent up in the position. A good example is the game Moritz Porges vs Emanuel Lasker Nuremburg 1896.


1. e4Notes by Dr. Tarrasch1... e52. Nf3Nc63. Bb5Nf64. O-ONxe45. d4Be76. Qe2Nd67. Bxc6bxc68. dxe5Nb79. b3O-O10. Bb2d511. exd6This gives away White's opening advantage by consolidating the opponent's game. 11 Nbd2 was indicated.11... cxd612. Nbd2Re8! The R here threatens the White Q, and it is interesting to see how quickly that indirect menace gives Black some decisive advantage.13. Rfe1Bd714. Ne4This turns out to be ineffective. It would have been relatively best to retreat the Q to f1, the only if modest place where she could enjoy a little peace.14... d515. Ned2The Kt mustn't go to g3, since Bb4 would cost the exchange.15... Ba316. Be5f617. Qa6White just manages to avoid the loss of a piece.17... fxe518. Qxa3e419. Nd4Qf620. c3Rf821. f3Qg5One blow after another Lasker plays with great strength.22. Qc1Nc523. Nf1Qg624. Re3Nd325. Qd1Nf426. Ng3h527. Nde2Nxg2! Forcing the issue with an elegant combination.28. Kxg2exf329. Rxf3Bh330. Kxh3Qg431. Kg2Qxf332. Kg1h433. Nh1Qe3Resigns, since Kg2 is punished by the pretty mate ...h3.

For further study on this hypermodern theme, see Fischer play the K.I.A vs Sherwin's Sicilian.

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