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Danish Gambit

  • Last updated on 9/11/11, 5:17 AM.

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The Danish Gambit is an ultra-agressive opening for white. It is not commonly seen in tournament play since lines have been found to blunt it. It is still occasionally seen in amateur play though. In this gambit white sacks 3 pawns for one, hoping to deliver a qiuck knockout with his activated pieces. Black tries to blunt white's ferocious assault, sometimes giving white a pawn or two back. Black's goal is to try to survive and trade off everything and go into an endgame with an advantage in material. Here is the gambit:

I hope you like it and feel free to post and edit.


  • 4 years ago · Quote · #1


    ovo otvaranje ne oduševilo

  • 4 years ago · Quote · #2


    this is brilliant

  • 4 years ago · Quote · #3


    I play this a lot. Too many people play 2... f6? against me.

  • 3 years ago · Quote · #4


    I never would have imagined playing something like this as White...also, If I were Black, I would be more concerned with development rather than taking White's Queenside pawns!!!

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