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The first national chess championship of the Philippines was held in 1947 and won by Horacio Tagle.  The Philippine Chess Federation has a dress code for chessplayers. They have outlawed slippers, T-shirts, and vests in their chess events.  The Philippine government was willing to pay $5 million for a Fischer-Karpov match, the second biggest purse in sports history, and the largest one that had ever been turned down.   They were the only nation to send a team to the 1976 Olympiad in Haifa and the "Against Israel Olympiad" in Tripoli, Libya.


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    The 1st grandmaster of Asia is from the Philippines, by the name of Eugene Torre.
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    yes i heared that name eugene torre. he's one the greatest.
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    1978 in Bagio City, Philippines Karpov-Korchnoi...
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    agree to joriz. I saw a chess club near v. luna street deteriorating, i was really dissapointed.

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    Chess Club in the Philippines? Haven't heard of one except in schools?! I am sad!!! Really sad!!! :((

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    I just saw the Karpov-Torre game One..Torre really did great!

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    torre is greater than wesley so

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