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IM Dejan Stojanovski

Target Students:

All Skill Levels

Service Description Price
1 lesson 45 min. classical lesson and one game 15 min. per player at the end $35.00
10 lessons In this lessons we study strategy, calculations, combinations and openings $300.00
20lessons In this lessons we study strategy, calculations, combinations and openings $500.00

About Me:

My name is  Dejan Stojanovski. I am international chess master and FIDE instructor with FIDE Elo  2455. For the latest 7-8 years I am working as a chess trainer in my chess school in Macedonia. During this time my school has won  “Macedonian Junior Team League” 4 times and as for now I have 45 students total, also giving the lessons online (for that I use Skype and chess.com website).


I can help you to improve all chess skills, including: openings, strategy, calculations, combinations, endgames tactics, defense, offense.


There are 3 basic stages of the game, each of them I will teach you to play:

1.      Opening stage: development of the pieces, taking the center, fast castle, etc.

2.      Middlegame stage. This stage includes 2 elements. Tactical play: attack on the king, combinations with sacrifices, candidate moves, technique of calculation of variations, etc. And strategic play: strong and weak squares, good and bad pieces, open files, evaluation of the positions, planning etc.

3.      Endgame stage: pawn endgames, rook endgames, queen endgames, knight endgames, etc.


After every lesson the student gets exercises for homework and in the next lesson we see the solutions together.


During the lessons I interact with the students asking them questions trying to get idea how they think and what are their weaknesses, while telling them how strong players think in particular positions or in particular situation. After few lessons I discover student’s weaknesses and I recommend him which lessons he needs to study.




For payments I prefer Western Union and Moneybookers.


Please, feel free to contact me if you have any question.


Yours personal coach,

     Dejan Stojanovski



  • 8 days ago


    Im Dejan Stojanovski is one of the best coaches here.I,m  working with him 4 years and he help me to become Fm  2355.I recomended him for coach.You will not make mistake if you take Dejan Stojanovski for your personal coach.

  • 3 months ago


    Hello everybody,

    I am also a student of Dejan Stojanovski.

    Like some early speaker told here, I also confirm, that Dejan is very punctual person. We always start lesson in time we have discussed before. From the other side of this precision is his flexibility: I mean, if you have some urgent things to do or you know you will not be able to take lesson today for certain reasons, you just write to Dejan in advance and you together cancel or reschedule that lesson.

    Another good thing about this coaching, that all course is well prepared and structured. Dejan gives a knowledge about each aspect of the chess game (opening, middlegame, endgame, strategy, ...). In my opinion, this is important, because, if, for example, you start the game excellent, also middlegame play good, but in Rook endgame you screw up, than you will not have as good results as it could be in a long perspective. As often in life: if something may go wrong — it WILL go wrong (and screw up the rest) :) To avoid this, you should aim to get as complete knowledge about subject, as possible. And this is exactly what Dejan gives in his lessons.

    Besides, if you have your own, not typical question during the lesson, about some position or new idea or something, you can always ask that and Dejan will provide you his opinion about that, will help to solve, confirm your idea or show why it is not good. Surprisingly, but he does this almost instantly, what again states, that the lessons are well prepared and what he is true-professional in what he does.

    And of course, Dejan is very kind and intelligent as a person, always a pleasure to deal with him.


  • 3 months ago



    I'm a student of IM Dejan Stojanovski for about 2 months now.
    I'm a beginner club player who really expect to improve and play in official tournaments.
    With this objective in mind, we started a work on the long run and use to work on the 3 stages of the chess game.

    IM Stojanovski perfectly understood my objectives and propose me with a complete improvment program that allow me to deeply improve on the lon run.
    Each part of the game is studied : opening theory with excellent explanation of opening moves and, more important, plans for both sides.

    Strategy with, each time, interesting positions to work on that allow to learn new strategicall principles.

    Endgame with really interesting theory and exercices

    Each lesson is a new challenge and IM Stojanovski is really symmpathic and open minded with his students. The program is based on my objectives and also use my own games analysis which help me improve in what is really important regarding my playing style and background.

    I strongly and sincerely recommand this instructor lessons !


  • 3 months ago



    I am a student from Dejan, currently with 2051 ELO

    I am working with him since around one year and I only can say good things about my work with him, but let me be more precise.

    1) Dejan is a very reliable guy, he schedules the lessons in advance and he is always on time, and when I say on time, it's really on time, by the minute.
    If by some reason he cannot have a lesson in a specific day he will try to immediately schedule another slot, of course with agreement between the two.

    2) He is a very polite and respectful person, from my point of view this is very important for the lessons and general contact.

    3) He has a method in his lessons, things are not unprepared, every time he follows a plan no matter it's a lesson on openings, strategy, calculations, combinations, endgames tactics, defense, offense, you name it.

    4) Lessons have a broader range then the game, I mean he gives advises on how you can improve in terms of psychology and preparation, like if you should be less passive or by contrary more conservative, from my point of view this is a added value you get from his lessons.

    5) He is opened not only for the lessons themselves but also to analyze your games and give advise on what to improve.

    6) He his a great player, you cannot imagine the speed he has analyzing positions, I wouldn't mind to have it as well :-)

    I could continue talking about him, but I suppose this is enough, Dejan is not only the chess player but also as a person, very nice and easy to relate.
    Just one word of warning, he does not make miracles, you need to work, alone he can't do everything but with your help I believe you can really improve your game.

    Renato Vasconcellos

  • 3 months ago


    He is an amazing coach and illustrates cases clearly with examples. Am taking lessons only for 3 months and standard rating has improved by 150 points and I can have clear understanding of the positions.

    Hoping would do better soon and goal is to break 2000 barrier in a year and confident, he will help me to achieve it.


  • 3 months ago

    IM ChessTrener

    Yes sir.Lessons are private of course!I add you for friend.Yes if you are interesting we can start with lessons!

  • 3 months ago



    Are your lessons private?  Are you taking new students?



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