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FM Jan Gombac

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chess lessons chess coaching $12.00
chess lessons analyse your chess game $12.00

About Me:

I do have some coaching experience.I am a good listener and a hard-worker.Since my own opening repertoire is very large,we can analyse all kind of positions,including those which I haven't played yet(in that case I will work hard on a specific opening position/variation before our session).Of course,openings are not by far everything about chess,and therefore I also teach strategy,tactics,calculation,endgames,how to analyse your games,and so on.Instructions are possible in English,Slovenian,Serbian/Croatian.I also understand quiet good German.


  • 7 months ago


    Hi, are you still giving lesssons?

  • 18 months ago


    I can't, because of my work, to have live ON LIVE classes.What about playing online games with comments and teaching during the game?How match it would cost?

    I do not want to just play a master, it would be the same as playing an engine for me.I want to have help in understanding the real situations that would arrive from these games (that would be in the openings I am studying)...Ocasionally I would be available for weekend classes, could it be possible?How much per online game?

    I've had problems with 4 previous coachs that agreed with the online game but did not give advice during it.The experience was just the one of playing an engine ...

  • 2 years ago


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