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Laurent S

Target Students:

New to Chess ( <1000), Beginner (1000-1400), Tournament Level (1400-1800)

About Me:

Je propose des cours à domicile et des cours à distance sur chess.com. Contactez-moi pour les détails.

eligible à la réduction d'impôts à hauteur de 50% si paiement en CESU

I offer online chess coaching on chess.com. Please feel free to contact me for details.

FIDE card

My over-the-board win against GM Namig Guliyev (2516 FIDE)

If you have any question or want to chat with me before purchasing my services, you can get in touch on Skype at LSIConseil (please provide your chess.com name with your contact request)

I now accept bitcoins as payment, with a 50% discount on the price of services - please get in touch for current rates.


Intro lesson 15$ (1hr30)

www.chesspersonality.com : mastermind (Alekhine) - how flattering :-)

Other services :

Chessic check-up (1h based on 10-20 recent games) : 60$

Detailed study plan : 60$

Ready-to-use tailored made repertoires : 60-120$


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    Hahahahhahahahah I take oneLaughing

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    GM TigerGenov

  • 2 years ago


    I now accept bitcoins as payment for services, with a 50% discount on the price of the services listed - please get in touch for rates.

  • 3 years ago


    Exactly : today chess suffers from what Andrew Soltis calls "TMI" (Too Much Information). There are tons of learning resources available, but not all of same value, and it's still very difficult to know which resource is really adapted to your level.

    I've been through most of chess.com learning guides materials, and though I think there are good resources there, I still have the feeling they mixed beginner, intermediate and advanced stuff a lot, and don't offer enough guidance when it comes to really train your chess.

  • 3 years ago


    New Offer: Detailed Study Plan. This is a good idea. Many decades ago it was hard to find amateur resources for learning. For example there were only a few books available to the amateur astronomer. I did buy one or two chess paperback books in the mid fifties. Today as we all know there are magazines on every subject, and all types of media and Internet materials to buy. I've looked at the study plans on this site. Your idea of personalization is in my opinion the key to efficient training without becoming overwhelmed with too many learning resources and the time it takes to not only comprehend the subject matter but learn how to use the resource. 

  • 3 years ago


    New offer : detailed study plan

    This is for people who don't want to take regular lessons but would like detailed advice on how to work by themselves.

    My study plan is tailored to your current level, needs, time and resources available. It's very detailed, meaning I not only give you a schedule and tools to work with, but I also explain exactly how to use the tools and do the exercises for full benefit.

    The service also includes a live session so that I can answer any questions about the training and a 6 months follow-up (with advice and adjustments to the plan)

  • 3 years ago


    New offer(s) : opening repertoire -

    I see many forum posts where players ask 'which opening shall I play ?' I understand this is a difficult question to answer, and I think I can help.

    Through my chess practice I've played a great many openings, and I now have a clearer idea of what they require from a practical point of view.

    This service includes :

    - quick analysis of your long games and chess background

    - discussion of a repertoire through Skype (~15 min.)

    - delivery of the repertoire, including lines, variations and illustrative annotated games (the repertoire depth and annotations are suited to your level)

    - a text on how to learn the suggested repertoire and study openings in an intelligent way by yourself from here on Smile

    This service entails a great amount of work on my side (~5-6 hrs), so the current pricing is actually an intro price, and will probably go up after the first services are sold.

    Please allow one week for delivery after our Skype discussion.

  • 3 years ago


    New offer : training game + analysis (via Skype). You can pick an opening you want to practice if you wish, or just play it as a normal training game.

    I will send you a pgn with the post-mortem analysis.

  • 4 years ago


    Bonsoir notre "Maitre Laurent".

    Je suis très heureux, que tes connaissances puissent servir avec autant de brio ! Et je le pense sincèrement. Je sais, plus j'attends, et plus j'aurais des problèmes pour que ton temps soit disponible pour moi. Mais ô combien je le regrette, mais pour l’instant j’ai des occupations, et quelques problèmes (je te préciserai par news perso)…

    Players, beginners, or with gaps, like me in the strategy and techniques of play of Chess, if Laurent S have a time to devote you, and that you have doubts, don't hesitate! Make a request.
    In all friendship.

  • 4 years ago


    Thanks for the feedback Art, it's always welcome. Smile

  • 4 years ago


    Hi Laurent, just wanted to give you an update on my progress. I've taken in quite a few strategies and tactics and am feeling more comfortable with how my pieces interlink to each other. Still having a few blips when I'm not concentrating fully on the board, but hopefully these have been minimised. My eyes are wide open now and I am seeing more openings and ways to attack without leaving myself too open. Thanks again, I'll keep you updated

  • 4 years ago


    Hi Laurent,

    Thanks very much for taking the time to coach me this week.

    I was impressed with how you asked what I wanted to get out of the session and then superseded my expectations. As you know, I have previously had bad chess coaching experiences, so for you to be able to make me feel comfortable and impart your knowledge in such a pleasant and simple manner is something you should be proud of. It does take a lot to impress me usually but on this occassion I found your tips and advice invaluable and you provided answers to my initial requirements perfectly. You delivered the session very professionally and you have a good sense of humor. This professional humor helped me understand the concepts presented more clearly and I never once felt patronised or belittled for being a rookie chess player.

    Thank you very much Laurent, you have restored my faith in chess coaches. 

    Kind regards



  • 4 years ago


    Bravo et bonne continuation compatriote. Nous sommes heureux que vous représentiez le haut du  pavé aux Chess....

    Je vous connais depuis assez longtemps pour savoir que vous êtes une de nos références.

    Bonne année, et à bientôt....

    Salutations respectueuses

  • 4 years ago


    Of the lesson ideas listed, I might be interested in: 

    • Winning the won game 
    • Basics of the Italian opening as white 
  • 4 years ago


    Thanks Laurent for further explaining your experience and possible designs for group training. It sounds great!


  • 4 years ago


    Hello Ed,

    I used to take part in group analysis sessions on the Internet a few years ago. My experience is that it was manageable with a maximum of 4 people, else the interaction becomes too difficult. But 3-4 people worked.

    The format I consider using is closer to a regular lecture format : 1) didactic examples, 2) Q&A, 3) exercises, so it should be easier to handle than an open analysis session. However, as I don't want to lose the interactivity, I want to limit it to 3 students only.

    You're right it would be better if the students have similar needs (though I think there are many topics of interest for most people rated U1700), and the rating gap is not too wide. However, drawing from the experience of teaching in clubs, I know it's possible to design a lesson so that everybody can benefit from it : some people will be more challenged at some parts than others, but overall, everybody should learn a lot ! Smile

    People attending will also have the opportunity to train together after the session : finding training buddies with similar goals and strengths can help a lot too ! Cool 

  • 4 years ago


    I suggest that not only the needs of the group be considered but also some 'research' into how other chess workshops have been 'successfully' conducted. This could be an attractive alternative to some and is a great idea. Getting three students who can work together and have similar skills and needs could be a bit of a challenge. Perhaps a welcome challengeSmile

  • 4 years ago


    Hello Colin, glad to hear from you - I hope you're doing fine Smile

    I'll have to work the schedule with the 3 participants, so obviously we'll need to plan this a few weeks in advance.

    In the meantime, here are some proposals for the training workshop :

    • Basic tactics workshop
    • Pawn endgame basics
    • Rook endgame basics
    • Winning the won game
    • Learning to calculate : how and when ?
    • Basics of the Italian opening as white
    • Using a development advantage
    • Identify and deal with your opponent's threats
    • My opponent plays an unexpected opening move : now what ?
    • Building an attack

    Other ideas are welcome.

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